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Moving Beyond the Office and into Modern Workspaces


Contract Design Companies Shift From a Physical to Digital Business to Enhance Collaboration and Cut Project Design Times by Half

SAN CARLOS, Calif., August 15, 2018 — Bluescape®, a leader of innovative collaboration workspace solutions, shares how their customers, BOS and PMC Commercial Interiors, transformed their contract furniture and design business to help companies create modern workspaces. They used Bluescape to bring people together to better collaborate and interact for project speed and an enhanced customer experience.

The contract furniture industry is experiencing a major transformation triggered by the new ways people want to work and connect. Digital technology, globally dispersed employees and new work styles are adding greater demands on companies to redesign their workspaces. People want to work more creatively and collaboratively whether in the office or remotely. This forces the furniture companies to change – to create modern offices, huddle rooms and meeting rooms so people can work more successfully.

Two leading U.S. office furniture dealers, BOS and PMC Commercial Interiors, embraced the shift from a physical to digital business. They changed how they engaged with their clients using the latest design and collaborative tools.

“Our industry has stayed stagnant for many years and it's now making a major shift,” said George Pfeiffer, CEO at BOS. “Companies can buy furniture in many different ways. They come to us because of our specialist approach, our deep industry knowledge and experience to deliver a seamless project – bringing their office vision to life.”

“Companies need to keep up with the competitive climate that impacts their customers. It’s integral to the survival of their business,” said Peter Jackson, CEO at Bluescape. “The contract furniture business is just one example of how other industries are looking to disrupt and innovate, starting with improving customer experiences. It’s all about how we better interact and connect towards a common goal.”

To better engage their customers, BOS and PMC used Bluescape throughout the workflow process starting with presenting early design concepts to win the business, through the design, planning and project management process. BOS and PMC designers shared concepts in the digital workspace, encouraged their clients to express their ideas, add images or work documents which resulted in a more collaborative experience. Project updates, final approvals, delivery dates and decision making moved faster and more efficiently.

“With Bluescape, you are designing an entire building, looking at every floor and every room all at once - it is a complete game changer as opposed to the old ways of looking at just individual spaces,” said Yvette Coppedge, President at PMC Commercial Interiors. “Bluescape allows us to see how this entire building comes together visually in this workspace which we couldn’t do before.”

“From a project management and creative process standpoint, Bluescape has been a game changer for many of our global clients,” said George Lucas Pfeiffer, Executive Vice President, at BOS and Workspace Digital. “Not only are they saving time—in fact, some have cut design times by almost half—they’re gaining work efficiencies. Bluescape resonated with them and it’s awesome to see it work.”

“But more importantly to us, it's tightened our relationships with clients because they see us as a very valuable resource in terms of planning and recording the history of their projects,” said George Lucas Pfeiffer. “So the more we can bring our customers into Bluescape, the more it strengthens our overall partnership with them over the long term. It’s a value add with our clients.”

Practice What You Preach, Be Innovative

As BOS and PMC help companies reimagine their workplace, they also needed to show how their own company represented the new ways people worked. Both companies use Bluescape in different ways and across teams. Design teams use it to design in real time and help clients envision their spaces before they actually exist. Sales teams use it to present the current design concept and project status to key stakeholders throughout the process.

As a project management tool, Bluescape helps teams organize content, schedules and deadlines more efficiently. It helps track business and marketing plans with internal stakeholders and external vendors. Bluescape enables employees to better connect and work with their remote teams and external vendors.

“We were looking for a way to differentiate. We were hearing many times from clients that they wanted a partner that was innovative,” said Harry Chalker, President at PMC Commercial Interiors. "We can say we are innovative or better yet, just show them. So we use Bluescape to engage our clients as well as to run our business. And it’s been transformational for us.”

To learn more about BOS and PMC Commercial Interiors and their use of Bluescape, hear from their experts first hand.

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