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March Madness Thrills, Using Bluescape® in the Office


Office Pools and Brackets Get a Makeover Using Bluescape’s Collaboration Workspace to Post, Interact and Share Game Highlights, Videos and Viral Posts

SAN CARLOS, Calif., March 27, 2018 – Competition heats up as the best collegiate teams power towards the tournament finals. Walk through any office and see workers watching live streamed games with their brackets posted on walls or drawn on hijacked white boards. Bluescape®, a leader in workstream collaboration, transformed March Madness viewing by creating an innovative and interactive collaborative workspace to track win/losses, post-game highlights, and share favorite videos and content.

A team of Bluescape employees wanted to push the creative possibilities of the company’s solution to build the ultimate fan site. The collaborative, visually rich workspace enabled them to track and post all their brackets from different sports sites, add or create content from other applications (like YouTube videos, viral memes), or send “trash talk” comments to their colleagues. It evolved into the creation of their own virtual fan space that they could easily interact, manage and access from any digital device.

“My vision for our March Madness workspace was to leverage the features of Bluescape and the tools that everyone has on their computer,” said John Quinn, Sales Development Representative at Bluescape. “The ability to bring in video and show clips of our favorite tournament games, videos of our favorite shots, and viral sensation of fans. Bringing it all together in one cool place rather than hopping around online, opening up a ton of tabs and forgetting where things exist.”

The Bluescape capabilities transcend into a mighty collaboration and project management solution for global companies. Teams can work better – manage and access data more efficiently, communicate and share content easily, and use multiple applications in one virtual workplace. Dispersed teams can achieve increased productivity, faster decision making and more creative output using Bluescape.

“March Madness symbolizes the competitive spirit of collegiate basketball and our team brought that ‘buzzer beater’ excitement to life,” said Peter Jackson, CEO of Bluescape. “We’re seeing that same thrill as our customers expand the many ways to collaborate and reap business efficiencies. From a movie studio production team to a consumer brand designing and producing the ‘hottest athletic shoes’, our Bluescape solution enables them to bring ideas to market faster with greater agility and rewards.”

March Madness fans and audiences can view (only) the different fan and bracket workspaces here.

Reporters, bloggers and influencers can see the full interactive Bluescape workspaces by contacting the PR contact for a “live” demo.

Additional Quote:

“When you’re on the traditional NCAA bracket sites, it’s siloed and you can’t see how people are reacting to things or what kind of content they like. With Bluescape, you can bring all of this game content into the workspace and see what people are excited about. You feel a lot more connected even if we’re in different offices or different areas of the country.”  Denzel Nicholas, SDR Manager at Bluescape

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About Bluescape Bluescape enables companies to innovate, collaborate, and work faster and more efficiently. Its workspace collaboration solution gives dispersed internal and external teams an interactive digital workspace to meet, share, develop, and iterate on content, ideas, and products. Founded in 2012, Bluescape is headquartered in San Carlos, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haworth. Visit Bluescape and follow Bluescape on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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