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Bluescape Introduces New Features for Easier Visual Collaboration


New Capabilities Enable Users to Group Content, Add Text Anywhere in the Workspace, and Invite Select Collaborators to “View Only”

SAN CARLOS, Calif., April 25, 2017 — Bluescape, an innovator in visual collaboration software, today introduced a set of new features for its virtual workspace–Attach, Text, and View only–aimed at enriching the visual collaboration experience.

Now, Bluescape users have the flexibility to group images, documents, video, text, and more by attaching individual elements to each other. In addition, they can now type text directly in the workspace in ad hoc fashion as well as restrict specified collaborators to ‘View only’ status to ensure work remains intact.

Each new feature provides distinct functionality to enhance workspace collaboration, helping teams create better products and solutions:

  • Text enables users to add captions, headlines, titles, and notes anywhere in the workspace, as well as add text directly to images, documents, videos, notecards, etc. The Text feature also provides options for styling, a 64-color palette, and a variety of fonts.

  • View only enables workspace owners to restrict certain collaborators to read-only access. View only collaborators can see other collaborators in the workspace, follow them, join a meet session, screenshare, see presentations, view comments, and download elements from the workspace. With View only, collaborators can broadly share projects without the concern of work being unexpectedly altered or compromised in any way.

About Bluescape

Bluescape helps companies create better. Its visual collaboration software gives teams a virtual workspace to meet, share, and develop ideas. Accessible wherever you are, Bluescape lets you see the whole picture as you ideate, design, and refine concepts.

Founded in 2012, Bluescape is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haworth and headquartered in San Carlos, California. Visit

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