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Bluescape Increases Workflow Productivity for the Enterprise


  SAN CARLOS, Calif., June 15, 2015 -– Bluescape, a persistent cloud-based platform for real-time visual collaboration, today announced a major upgrade making it easier for individuals and teams to create, interact with and share content, especially for large-scale projects. Bluescape seeks to fill a gap in workplace collaboration tools by offering a product that allows people and teams to communicate and collaborate more effectively and focus on the work they are doing together rather than the limitations of the tools they have been forced to use in the past. For this update, Bluescape showcased how its platform can be used to support the product development cycle resulting in both a quicker time to market and a better end product. “When designing, planning, and developing our latest features, we leveraged our own technology,” said Scott Poulton, chief executive officer of Bluescape. “Visual collaboration supported by Bluescape is and continues to be the most efficient platform for business communication and collaboration, particularly for processes such as group ideation and iteration, complex product development and project management, and multi-site communication. Bluescape provides unmatched visual context for any project helping groups facilitate workflows.” Pulling together existing business data, tools, and applications on its own visually interactive technology which provides 160 acres of workspace, Bluescape engineers and product developers worked together, simultaneously, across various locations on a wide-range of devices, including laptops, tablets, and tileable touchscreen monitors for large-scale visualization. “We learn by working closely with our customers, but we also use Bluescape ourselves every day,” said Demian Entrekin, chief technology officer of Bluescape. “We know that visual collaboration enables the enterprise to do great work. We see it every day. With this new mode of communication, companies develop great products faster.” This self-reflective product development cycle resulted in Bluescape’s newest release, which includes:

Remote and In Room Screencasting: It’s crucial to be able to use any application necessary to get the job done, without being limited by compatibility. With Screencasting, desktop applications such as Microsoft Office, CAD programs, Google Docs or WebEx can be used within a workspace. With one click, users can share their screens with any other user on any other device.

Enhanced Browser Functionality: Being able to work effectively from a remote location is a fundamental necessity in projects today. With Bluescape’s enhanced browser client, users can now write and draw in a workspace while on any computer or touch-enabled screen, so you can collaborate just as effectively from home as you can from the office.

Working with Groups of Information: When putting together a presentation or working on a project, you have to be able to organize your materials in the way that makes the most sense. To simplify this process, users can identify and group objects and complete tasks within the group context.

Notifications: The most important aspect of collaboration is communication. Bluescape’s updated portal allows for better notification and communication among team members working on different projects. Users can now easily share workspace content with other team members in a more proactive way.All of these capabilities are now available on any Bluescape-enabled device, including large touchscreen walls, personal computers, iPads, or Android tablets.

To learn more about Bluescape’s latest features, Demian Entrekin, chief technology officer, walks through the Portal 2.0 and its product development cycle here.

About Bluescape Bluescape is a persistent cloud-based platform for real-time collaboration, making it easy for individuals and teams to create, interact with, and share content on different devices. Founded in 2012, Bluescape is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haworth. The company is located in San Carlos, California.



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