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Bluescape® Announces New Whiteboard Feature and API Integrations with Leading Collaboration Tools


Teams Discover Faster Ways to Connect, Work and Collaborate on Interactive Workspaces

San Carlos, CA and Orlando, FL, March 18, 2019 -- Bluescape®, the leading collaboration workspace solution, introduces new product features and API integrations with Adobe Creative Cloud tools, including a free trial program of Bluescape. Teams can now work faster with streamlined processes and more productive meetings. The company also announces a new digital whiteboard feature, adding some fun back into brainstorming sessions and making it easier to share ideas, create storyboards, develop ad and marketing campaigns, or design the hottest new products.

Bluescape takes an “open approach” across the entire company starting with a platform that fully integrates with other tools and applications. This delivers added value to different working groups, opening up lines of communications and eliminating barriers that siloed applications create among teams. Bluescape also encourages open collaboration across and outside of the enterprise.

“The way we do collaboration has to change. Nearly every person I speak with tells me that their meetings are broken, especially when we're supposed to be collaborating,” said Demian Entrekin, chief technology officer at Bluescape. “How we collaborate digitally is clunky, and that's the nice way of saying it.”

“Traditional video conferencing systems and siloed information systems have stagnated work processes. People want new ways to work together. Our platform breaks down those traditional boundaries by integrating communication systems and digital content in a visual workspace,” adds Entrekin. "The key to the new approach is openness."


Bluescape’s newest whiteboard feature brings back the fun and imagination around brainstorming, drawing pictures and scribbling words on a digital whiteboard. Forget about taping sticky notes on a physical whiteboard or taping posters around a conference room.

Bluescape’s whiteboard is easy-to-use and easy-to-get-started. First time users can start writing, drawing, adding colored notecards and browser links on a digital whiteboard in the same comfortable manner they used with physical whiteboards. Fears of messing up or not using the board correctly are eliminated as people begin to expand their boards and do more with their content. As they demand more functionality, they can migrate seamlessly into Bluescape Enterprise.

The initial whiteboard offering is dedicated for use as an individual or team’s idea or brainstorm board. The whiteboard can be imported immediately into a new Bluescape workspace for additional collaboration. Teams can upload their series of whiteboards to preserve as design thinking or project workflows. The offering is available initially for use on touchscreens running on Linux.


Bluescape continues to build security features into its solutions because keeping companies, their people and their information safe is our top priority. In addition to our built-in security framework, we’re developing functionality that lets clients customize security to fit their network protocols, rules and access controls, including those that change minute-by-minute.

The company announces the availability of “custom roles” features, which gives organizations advanced security and access control. Companies can now set different combinations of user and access permissions at three levels:

  • Applications: controls what users can do and access

  • Organization: controls what users can do and access

  • Bluescape workspace: controls what users can do and access within a workspace

With this security capability, companies have greater flexibility and control while meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.


Bluescape delivers updated API enhancements for the Adobe Creative Cloud including UX design tool Adobe XD. For Adobe Photoshop users, Bluescape helps designers solve the challenges of visualizing in-progress creative content. The plugin allows people to work, update and share photos and graphics in Photoshop, Bluescape and other design applications, while eliminating time-consuming and repetitious steps moving in and out of applications.

For Adobe users, the company introduces a free one-month trial program of Bluescape available for download on the Adobe Exchange Marketplace. Designers and creatives can experience real-time collaborative design while working simultaneously in Bluescape and Adobe Creative Cloud apps including Photoshop, Illustrator, and XD, Adobe’s complete end-to-end UX/UI design tool. The workspace resides in a cloud environment where teams can work and access through a web browser interface. Starting in Bluescape is easy with content readily available and teams can progress quickly to create extensive and content-rich (documents, multi-media, photos, images and videos) workspaces.

Bluescape will showcase the latest product features to its secure, digital workspace platform at Enterprise Connect 2019, March 18-20. Come by the Bluescape booth #1005 to see how teams are visualizing and sharing content for more collaborative and productive meetings.

  • Dates: Monday, March 18 - Wednesday, March 20, 2019

  • Location: Gaylord Palms Hotel and Convention Center, Orlando

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About Bluescape

Bluescape®, a leading collaboration workspace solution, enables companies to innovate, collaborate and work together more efficiently. Its online whiteboard solution gives dispersed teams a visually-rich, interactive platform to work and share multiple applications, documents, multimedia and web content simultaneously. Users can write, draw and add notes in real-time to work more creatively in and beyond meetings. Founded in 2012, Bluescape is based in San Carlos, California and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Haworth. Visit Bluescape and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.


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