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Bluescape Announces New Content Collaboration and Mobile Features for Improved Meeting Experiences


People can customize their preferred unified communications and collaboration tools into a Bluescape digital visual container to work together more efficiently and creativelySan Carlos, CA, November 25, 2019 − Bluescape®, a leading visual collaboration platform, announced its newest updates to make it easier for teams to work in Bluescape for a consistent experience across interactive touch screens, laptops, desktops, and mobile devices. The newest features enable users to customize workspaces, automate tasks and interact with content faster to be more productive and creative.

Bluescape continues to add new capabilities to meet the needs of how people want to work, visualize, and interact with their content. We’re giving them control and flexibility to integrate their preferred UCC applications into a secure Bluescape Digital Visual Container (DVC, open platform) for continuous work and productive meetings.

“Bluescape is focused on making it easier and more intuitive for people to work together where content collaboration is the main focus,” said Demian Entrekin, CTO at Bluescape. “It’s shifting traditional unified communications into a new model focused on content being the primary driver of productive work and meetings.”

Here are the newest Bluescape features:


Smart Grid to Quickly Organize a Library of Images The laborious task of organizing and posting images, whether it’s viewing new product designs, finalizing advertising comps or presenting marketing collateral, is a manual and time-consuming task. In a Bluescape workspace, users can quickly select multiple images, choose a Smart Grid arrangement and automatically images are positioned in an easy-to-view and present layout. The task can be executed from any Bluescape-connected touch screen (wall), laptop or desktop (web) client. Additional updates including Smart Grid on mobile and adding other content types are in the works.

Canvas Resize to Easily Expand or Shrink a Canvas With Bluescape’s unlimited virtual real estate, adding more content and adjusting the canvas in a workspace is easier with the updated canvas resize feature. With a familiar “click and drag effect,” users can quickly shrink or expand a canvas to accommodate added content, notecards, or drawings from any wall or web-based client. Canvas resizing on mobile devices will be available in 2020.

Bluescape Document Viewer For Faster Handling of Content-Rich Documents Bluescape takes the pain out of viewing and handling content-rich documents. The updated document viewer can handle documents over 50 pages and Excel files of up to 20k rows (max. size at 1GB across all file types). Users can pan through documents, zoom in and present pages with higher fidelity rendering and faster upload performance. The documents supported in viewer include Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Microsoft Office (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx, .doc, .ppt). This feature is in limited release and will be generally available in early 2020.

Exit a Workspace Remotely From Any Meeting Room It’s a common practice to mistakenly leave important information viewable as another group enters the conference room you just left. Bluescape introduces a remote management feature allowing users to close a workspace on a touch screen display (wall) from their laptop or mobile application. No longer is it necessary to physically touch the meeting room screen to exit the Bluescape workspace. Content and project workspaces can now remain secure from unauthorized viewers once the meeting is done.


Accessing Bluescape from mobile devices is seeing a rapid adoption by remote workers and leaders needing to review and approve documents while in transit. Review cycles are easier to manage as workspaces and content are always accessible. With the new mobile features, decision-making moves faster and projects stay on course.

Mobile updates on iOS and Android include:

  • Expanded viewing and access to all types of content

  • View and add comments on content in a workspace

  • Lead workspace sessions and present content from a mobile device

  • Document viewer for mobile


  • Highlights of newest features page

  • Solution overview and videos on Bluescape University page

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Bluescape transforms the way people work for enhanced creative and productive experiences. Its visual collaboration platform enables people to easily work, meet and share multiple applications, documents and web content in a secure, digital visual container (DVC). Bluescape is an open SaaS platform that integrates with leading unified communications systems, messaging, content management, and collaboration applications. It operates on large format touch screen displays, laptops, desktops and mobile devices from any location and at any time. Bluescape is based in San Carlos, CA. The company was founded in 2012 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Haworth. Visit Bluescape and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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