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AWS Partner Bluescape to Speak at AWS re:Invent: Reshaping the Way Teams Collaborate Securely on AWS


The collaboration software market is growing fast, valued at nearly $13 billion and expected to grow 13% annually over the next seven years.

Not only is this an appealing stat for people who love prime numbers, it represents a fast-growing category of software attempting to solve for rifts between teams in the digital world.

If you’re attending AWS re:Invent in Las Vegas November 29 through December 3, expect to see many of the world’s brightest architects and innovators noodling over hybrid, remote, virtual, and soon-to-emerge work models – and the infrastructure needed to support them.

Then there are tools. One collaboration tool you may not know yet is AWS partner Bluescape, a persistent, secure workspace built on AWS.

Unlike communication tools (messaging and video conferencing) and coordination tools (bug trackers and project managers), Bluescape is a true collaboration solution: an antidote to tool sprawl and a place where remote and hybrid teams can perform as effectively as they would in person.

A recent Forbes article featuring Bluescape said: 

“Bluescape stepped up to the challenge of reinventing the stodgy and limiting video meeting. Instead of having 35 people looking bored in their boxes, Bluescape offers the ability to have productive virtual work meetings together.”

- Jack Kelly, Senior Contributor, ForbesAWS re:Invent: Reshaping the way teams collaborate securely on AWS

While perusing AWS re:Invent sessions, be sure to add this one to your agenda. Discover how Bluescape + Amazon Chime provides a unique solution for asynchronous and live collaboration in one place.

  • Session: Reshaping the way teams collaborate securely on AWS

  • When: Monday November 29th @ 3:15 PST

  • Where: Caesars Forum Summit 201or register for the free live stream

Attend to learn:

  • What’s really causing productivity gaps in remote and hybrid work

  • How to strengthen security across widely distributed teams

  • The unique architecture of Bluescape workspaces on AWS

Intrigued? After the session, “step into” a Bluescape workspace at booth




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The Bluescape platform is the most advanced secure collaboration solution built for the unique security needs of the defense and intelligence communities.