Reclaim that meeting room magic

The best parts of work come from collaboration:

Hearing out everyone's craziest ideas in a spontaneous brainstorm.

That eureka moment when your team cracks a challenging problem together.

And getting shoulder-to-shoulder with your favorite colleagues to tackle your gnarliest problems.

These moments spark the innovation that moves your business onwards and upwards.

But you can't always get everyone in the same room. It takes more than an online whiteboard or Zoom meeting to keep the magic alive.

You need a versatile digital workspace that makes distributed collaboration easy and rewarding.

With the right workspace, your teams can do their best work – even if they're all over the world.

Dive in – we'll help you get those great moments back...

Pick a moment from the image or the list below to learn how Bluecape can connect your remote and hybrid teams.


Let the ideas rip

Brainstorming - Let the ideas rip

Cooking up a storm of big, bold ideas

Can't book a room big enough for your team's ideas? No problem. There are no limits with Bluescape's infinite canvas to imagine, capture, and share ideas – from anywhere.

Design Review

Refine and conquer

Design review - Refine and conquer

Joining the dots that take your new direction forward

It's time to review some creative work. And with Bluescape, presenting your options, bringing in inspiration, and making those decisions for moving forward couldn't be easier...

War Rooms

Get war room peace of mind

War rooms - Get war room peace of mind

That relief when critical decisions pay off big time

From the military to the marketing department, war rooms are a staple for visualizing your ideas and strategies… And Bluescape's workspaces make your plans even easier to execute.

Putting Out Fires

Empower teams to respond quickly

Putting out fires - Empower teams to respond quickly

When you've saved the day (yet again)

Managing a crisis is rewarding work. When you're on the same page as your whole team, reacting to emerging issues feels even more like winning...

Remote and Hybrid Work

Focus plus equity equals productivity

Remote and hybrid work - Focus plus equity equals productivity

Chatting so deeply you forget you're worlds away

There's no going back to 100% online or 100% offline. So get the best of both worlds – use Bluescape to connect everyone, share content, and start having better conversations…


Wow the whole room

Presenting - Wow the whole room

They're all hanging on your every word

There's nothing like nailing a big client presentation (and even the client knows it). Take your audience on an immersive journey by elevating your storytelling and deepening engagement.

Training and Talent Development

Interactive learning is effective learning

Training and talent development - Interactive learning is effective learning

Mastering a skill to fall in love with your job again

Onboarding and upskilling online doesn’t have to be a lackluster experience. Bluescape totally transforms how you learn and engage with training materials...

Great brainstorming in the meeting room...

Your creative teams come together to spitball, bounce thoughts around, and step up with their bravest ideas.

But in the room, you're often limited to an easel of scribbles. And when it's all over, it's a lot of effort to compile, organize, sense-check, rewrite, and reshare everything you talked about.

This transition means you lose those gems and nuances in the process — not to mention wasting precious time and resources distilling greatness into meeting minutes...

...Greater brainstorming with Bluescape

With Bluescape, you more effectively present, discuss, and preserve your content for collaboration — and keep the momentum all the way.

Compared with other brainstorm tools, you can bring any type of content to your workspace – and it's easy to draw, write, and add sticky notes to build and refine ideas.

Plus there's always a record of your brainstorm to come back to. Capture lightning in a bottle and preserve shared understanding after it's all over.

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  • Bolder ideas

    Upload high fidelity documents, images, and videos to fully illustrate your creative process

  • Keep the chemistry

    Borderless canvases, easy markup tools, and seamless calling make exchanging and building on ideas feel natural

  • Manage the momentum

    From design to delivery, your ideas are preserved and protected in Bluescape

Reviews can take time to move forward...

It’s exciting to spread your content around the meeting room and review work together — until you have more content than space.

Preparing, printing, and presenting materials costs valuable time, money, and office resources. Slide decks get bloated. Attention is lost flipping between pages.

And when your meeting's over, everything must be cleared out for the next one.

...But Bluescape makes design reviews faster, fewer and focused

Zoom out and see the big picture with Bluescape — a workspace with room to breathe.

Easily upload and organize your content — and get to work immediately, armed with all the supporting context your team needs to act decisively.

Putting everyone on the same page means you streamline meetings. This means you approve work more quickly – which means you can get more work done, or give yourself a well-deserved break.

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  • Everyone is on the same page

    Virtual workspaces make it easy for distributed teams to see all of their work in the same place, in the same way, at the same time

  • Efficient review cycles

    With all the content and context you need to make decisions right in front of you, you can speed through approvals and smash deadlines.

  • Easy, equitable experiences

    No screen shares or file privileges needed — everyone can equally see, share, and be heard

The battle to win in a meeting room...

The office meeting room's finally booked. But you have limited time to gather your ideas and express them.

Collaborating in a war room is helpful (and fun!) for brainstorming, planning, and decision-making. You have a holistic, birds-eye view of your situation or project, but all your hard work is locked away behind closed doors.

Turning plans into action must go beyond the four walls and involve far away teams. So how can you turn your war room into something creatives and project managers can actually use — from anywhere?

...Let war rooms commence in Bluescape

Now every project — and everyone — can have a virtual war room you can access from anywhere.

Gather your team's inspirations, ideations, and work into canvases. Use whiteboards to brainstorm, markup tools to make notes and presentation features to tell your story and help align your remote teams and stakeholders.

Approach your ideas with visual and spatial thinking, view gathered materials in context, and see everything in one place for the big picture. With remote teams far away yet on the same page, you can execute decisions faster and more effectively, too.

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  • New ways to solve problems

    Bluescape facilitates visual thinking and visual collaboration, which helps creative teams like yours absorb and share more information, more quickly

  • Building context and alignment

    Centralize and organize your content to grasp and respond to feedback and decisions faster

  • Master plans made more powerful

    Shorten the distance from strategy to action — shared workspaces get everyone on the same page to eliminate waste and minimize error

The challenges of crisis response...

Unexpected situations and changes in direction combine complexity with compressed timelines. Rallying together to “work the problem” takes effort – but it's so satisfying when it all goes right.

Your team's communication must be swift, smooth, and coordinated. Everyone must be aligned. There’s little room for error. Information, ideas, and insights must move fast.

So getting on the same page means more than being in the same room or on the same call — especially when you're physically distanced and situations escalate quickly. What’s a team to do? Glad you asked. the opportunities of Bluescape

Bluescape is built to minimize those communication barriers and information silos. That's critical when real-time updates and knowledge flow require your A-team's attention and alignment to react quickly.

You can build workspaces to streamline workflows, manage and update files, and get dispersed teams to access and understand information quickly and efficiently — from any device or location.

  • Streamline success

    Streamline your workflows and connect your work environments to collaborate more efficiently and effectively

  • Smooth operations

    Virtually centralizing content, communications, and activities means anyone can access updated information from anywhere

  • Master plans made more powerful

    Eliminate time spent briefing and herding cats and empower teams to get what they need pronto

The place to connect and collaborate...

Working the old way (everyone in the office) makes sense. Everyone you need is around to talk to, you can look at the same problems together and get stuff done. And then everything moved online...

There are pros and cons to going all-in on remote and in-person ways of working that impact efficiency, productivity, wellbeing, and the bottom line.

The trick is to take the best of both and fuse them together into something magical.

Welcome to the new world of hybrid work.

...And the platform that does both

You need a workspace that takes the depth of in-person conversations combined with the ease of access, richness of content, and virtual collaboration of the online world. That's Bluescape's sweet spot.

Fluid conversations, accessible content, and proper context help you have more focused, efficient collaborations and workflows. What's more, everyone has the same access and control to make contributions equitable — your voice is heard.

The fewer restrictions to communication, the more you and your team can get done.

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  • Seamless communication

    Forget screen sharing and wasting time searching for files by sharing and discussing your work in virtual workspaces.

  • Efficient action

    Create and customize templates to visualize and streamline workflows

  • Unify dispersed teams

    Remote teams can meet, discuss content, and quickly establish common ground with a single platform for communications, content sharing, and collaboration

Presenting to the crowd is an exclusive honor...

There's nothing like that electricity of a presentation that's actually going well.

Everyone's on the edge of their seat. Sparks of inspiration fly and ignite questions. New ideas, new plans, and progress are made.

Great presentations lead to great discussions, but there are limitations on how to convey your message — and your meeting room can't always fit everybody.

...But presenting in Bluescape is inclusive and enriching

Blow your audience away by rethinking the way you present. Instead of lectures, turn presentations into immersive collaborations with Bluescape.

Move between canvases full of rich images, videos, documents, and other content. Literally draw your customer in with collaborative whiteboards and co-create ideas and solutions together.

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