Bluescape is the Collaboration Platform for Media & Entertainment Professionals

We Pull All the Pieces Together

By enabling creative, production, finance, and marketing teams to experience any content anywhere, Bluescape changes the cultural dynamics of work collaboration. We pull all the pieces together so you can increase productivity, make better decisions, and share important information faster.

Concept & Art Development Reimagined

With Bluescape, teams of creatives at work in any medium can see the story, script, characters, costumes, and worlds develop side-by-side for more efficient collaboration and continuous consistency across deliverables. It’s easy to integrate your workflow applications like Adobe CC directly into the workspace.

Bluescape is the next best thing to being there in person. It puts me in the room in a way that lets me see and understand the tone of what’s happening and how ideas are received and lets me interact in real-time as the story takes shape.

Jon Bokenkamp

Creator & Executive Producer, The Blacklist

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The Producer Role Just Got Easier

Now everyone in the project has real-time visibility into schedules, budgets, tasks, and ancillary data as it emerges. So you stay fluid and flexible, and keep things moving forward without becoming the bottleneck of administrative communications. Import live data and visualizations from project management tools like Shotgun.

See the Marketing Story

See the entire story of the project as it develops from concept to release, then build on the momentum as you execute your strategy for publicity and advertising. With Bluescape you can securely share assets and review concepts with vendors, agencies, and partners as you build out your broadcast, digital, social, and OOH campaigns. Keep everyone on the project in the know through integrated video conferencing and communications tools.

Technology for us is not just something that’s fancy or cool, it has to impact the way we work in positive ways. The ability to use Bluescape to show the necessity of every part of the process and how we work is going to be incredible.

Aaron Michaelson

President, Concept Arts

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From remote to cross-functional teams, Bluescape brings everyone together in one easy-to-use, powerful, and fun visual containment ecosystem.

Now you have persistent connectivity and productivity to allow for better, faster, and smarter decision making from concept development to production, and on through marketing and distribution.

All the Content You Need to See

Bluescape enables you to bring images, videos, documents, and applications all together in one infinite container to view them side-by-side. Imagine your storyboards next to location photos, next to production stripboards, next to budgets, next to dailies, next to the weather forecast all on one screen at the same time.

Any Device, Anywhere

The people who access your content and information can be anywhere. Bluescape provides a multimodal experience through just about any device – smartphones, tablets, laptops, existing conference room monitors, and even giant touchscreen walls. Whether you’re in a galaxy far far away or 20,000 leagues under the sea, Bluescape keeps you connected and in touch with the content and information you need, wherever you need it.

Secure and Frictionless

Bluescape works in both public and private cloud environments; so you can bring everyone on the project together in one secure workspace, and control their access to content based on their roles.

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Integrate Your Existing Tools & Apps

Bluescape comes with file hosting integrations such as Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox. If you need access to industry-specific applications or proprietary tools, our API enables you to create custom integrations to meet the needs of your workflows.

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