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Ignite ideas and expedite decisions in a secure visual workspace

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Streamline review cycles 

Stand up creative reviews in seconds and reduce the back and forths that constantly distract from being productive. 

  • Ditch printouts and presentation decks. Upload content or share assets directly from cloud storage and instantly assemble materials for review.  

  • Annotations and comments are all captured in the workspace. Instead of constant email exchanges of files and notes, you have a one-stop shop to monitor progress and reference past work and decisions. 

  • High-fidelity imagery and side-by-side comparison ensure you see all the details and differences you need to make quick decisions. 

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See everything everywhere all at once

Save time in your creative process by gathering and laying out your assets in one place, eliminating the hassle of searching through emails and folders. Create a central visual hub for different departments to quickly share and reference each other’s work and streamline production planning.   

  • Share and access resources, hold meetings, and work together in real-time or independently from any device.   

  • Upload images, videos, and files in pixel-perfect quality to present your vision exactly as you intended.  

  • Integrate pre-built and customizable templates to organize tasks and facilitate discussions. 

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Safeguard your intellectual property

Motion picture studies, government agencies, and the intelligence community all trust Bluescape with their content. Bluescape stands as the most advanced FedRAMP-authorized visual collaboration solution, boasting industry-leading security, flexible deployment options, and content watermarking. 

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We could be looking at everything we need in one place to feel like we were truly collaborating in person. We could really connect with each other in Bluescape to create something that no single one of us could have created on our own.
— Jared Mark
Co-Creator and Executive Producer, Lost in Oz
Learn how one animation studio used Bluescape to collaborate with a global team
jared mark