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Build a virtual workspace that is always accessible for review and collaboration

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Blue sky thinking thrives in Bluescape

Don't settle for just sketches and sticky notes. Share knowledge, inspiration, and data like you're all in the same room.

  • Add documents, images, videos, and more to your workspace to grasp the full depth and breadth of any situation.

  • Instantly create mood and vision boards with Popsync image search. Find and curate imagery from public and private asset libraries. 

  • The workspace serves as a persistent, collective knowledge repository, ensuring team members are always up to speed and can easily access the information they need. 


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Align product development teams 

Gather and track development materials in a single, secure environment that is always accessible for teamwork and review.  

  • Improve productivity and conduct brainstorms, reviews, and standing meetings in a centralized location accessible anywhere, at any time. 

  • Bring cross-disciplinary teams together with their critical content to increase visibility and streamline communications. 

  • Chart progress, make and clarify decisions, and bridge siloes by using the workspace to create a visual archive of work across the project.  

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Foster and deepen customer engagement 

Instead of inviting customers and partners to a call, invite them to a virtual workspace and work with them.  

  • Real-time collaboration, co-creation, and content-sharing features accelerate feedback loops to ensure everyone is aligned. 

  • Bring together resources in multiple formats from disparate systems into a single visual environment and solution more quickly. 

  • Involve customers in the strategy and design process from day one. Work together in a virtual showroom where everything is at your fingertips.

Customer Engagement