Flawless perfection from stitch to screen

Design and review your entire product line in high-fidelity


Create a complete vision of your collection

Bring everything together in a collaborative digital workspace, where teams can seamlessly communicate and evaluate every element, from design consistency to fabric quality.

  • High-resolution image support and lossless compression ensure you see the critical details. Everything from stitching and seams to prints and patterns is displayed with the utmost clarity. 

  • Easily organize all of your images, photos, and documents within a single workspace. Intuitive navigation allows you to zoom out seamlessly for a bird’s-eye view or zoom in to closely example work. 

  • As product lines evolve, it’s easy to lose track of things. Streamline the process of collecting images scattered across cloud folders with Popsync image search.

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Compress review cycles

Every second counts in the world of fast fashion and ever-shifting fashion seasons. The interruptions and delays caused by sending materials and emails back and forth won’t suffice. Bluescape enables the seamless exchange of content and feedback to expedite decisions.

  • Access virtual workspaces around the clock, from any device, enabling teams to collaborate in real-time or at their own pace. Stay updated on workspace developments through the activity feed. 

  • Annotate photos, designs, and layouts with drawing tools. Provide detailed visual and written feedback and ensure creative feedback is accurately captured.

  • Tired of wasting time searching through emails and messages for materials and feedback? Enjoy the efficiency of having all your content, comments, markup, and notes in one accessible workspace.

Use Bluescape to review and approve designs
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Clarify cross-merchandising

Connect cross-departmental and cross-category teams in a shared workspace and get everyone on the same page.

  • Increase visibility and build alignment by collecting product lines into a single workspace, providing a holistic view across categories. 

  • Invite team members to share inspiration, product briefs, sketches, design boards, and more and collaborate from any location. 

  • Control user access and permissions to ensure confidentiality. Content watermarking and federated identity provide additional security.

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