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From campaigns to creative ops, Bluescape is where blue sky thinking thrives. 

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Accelerate reviews and approvals

Streamline the transformation of works in progress to final output. With market-leading support for high-resolution imagery and video, you can evaluate work in its truest form. 

  • Bluescape surpasses the competition with unmatched support for large, high-resolution imagery. Our lossless compression guarantees that every intricate detail remains crystal clear. 

  • Why settle for choppy, pixelated streaming videos when you can be uploading videos to Bluescape? Enjoy synchronized playback for all viewers and the ability to step through videos frame by frame and add annotations directly onto the video. 

  • Save time on meeting preparation and during meetings by organizing your work and discussion with templates. 

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Hit the agree button. Hard. 

Bluescape provides all the tools you need to inspire and align your teams. All your project materials are easily accessible in the workspace to help get everyone in sync.

  • Brainstorm and whiteboard ideas with drawing tools and sticky notes. 

  • Organize documents, media, and notes in a virtual project space. 

  • Instantly assemble mood and review boards with Popsync image search. 

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Build the ultimate creative war room

Virtual workspaces offer remote and hybrid teams the ideal solution for working like they're all in the same room.

  • Easily organize and view all of your project assets, images, and documents within a single workspace. Intuitive navigation allows you to seamlessly zoom out for a birds-eye view of your project or zoom in to explore the fine details.

  • Quickly access campaign materials, reference materials, previous versions, and feedback in a single location so teams can maintain creative momentum and not be distracted digging files out of emails and messages. 

  • Invite colleagues, contractors, and agencies to collaborate in the workspace. Manage permissions, safeguard content with watermarking, and benefit from industry-leading security trusted by government agencies and the intelligence community.

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