Create flexible, hybrid
classroom experiences

Bluescape revolutionizes the learning experience, whether it takes place in a room, online, or a combination of both. Both students and instructors can collaboratively share, present, and review class materials, assignments, and projects from any device, at any time.

Bluescape for Online LearningBluescape for Online Learning

Combat Zoom Fatigue

Virtual workspaces for in-room and remote learning
An infinite canvas for all your course materials
Inspire class participation and deepen engagement

More than an online lecture

  • Use virtual workspaces to plan, organize, and adapt your curricula throughout the term. Share and present lecture materials and assignments while also providing a collaborative space for group projects, feedback, and discussions during or outside of class hours.
Bluescape for Online Learning Lectures
Tech has been a tool we use to accomplish a task. With Bluescape we are a partner and bond with the technology to teach at a distance.
Brad Ascalon
Co-Instructor, UPenn
Bluescape for Online Learning Lectures

Collaborative Hybrid Classrooms

  • Integrated video conferencing, advanced content sharing, and interactive capabilities create a dynamic learning environment that is far superior to screen sharing. Add photos, graphics, live webpages, and videos from cloud services like Google Drive, DropBox, and more. Co-browse web content and collaborate on shared documents. Set timers and add polls to create more interactive experiences.
Bluescape for Hybrid Learning in the Classroom
The ability to bring video into the same place as your content is the future of collaboration. Bluescape’s video integration makes content and remote collaborators first-class citizens in the meeting.
Nick Swayne
Founder, James Madison University X-Labs
Bluescape for Hybrid Learning in the Classroom

Go beyond the classroom

Use Bluescape for departmental meetings and collaborations with other institutions.

Integrate your favorite tools

Bluescape features integrations with Adobe, Cisco, Google, Microsoft, Zoom, and others.

Secure your content and data

Enterprise-grade security protocols protect all your workspaces and content.

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While several of Bluescape’s tools resemble those of digital whiteboarding apps, the scale and depth of the platform speak to a vision that goes far beyond capturing doodles during meetings.
Evaluation: Bluescape Enterprise – Q2 2021
Wainhouse Research
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"Bluescape Enterprise is designed to enable secure virtual workspaces that help an enterprise unify its content and conversations in a shared, persistent space that can be accessed from any device or location."
"Bluescape Enterprise is now a rich productivity and content creation/consumption platform with true workflow integration."
"We continue to believe that, for such a feature-rich product, Bluescape Enterprise offers a very low learning curve."

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