Higher Engagement for Higher Education with Bluescape

Learn Together, from Anywhere

Bluescape improves the classroom experience, whether it takes place in a room, online, or a combination of both. Students and instructors can use Bluescape to collaboratively share, present, and review class materials, assignments, and projects from any device, at any time.

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Incorporate Existing Technologies

Bluescape empowers everyone to teach and learn with the applications they use every day. Create Office365 or Google documents and upload them to Bluescape or share them with OneDrive and Google Drive links. Video conferencing is built into Bluescape, including support for Cisco Webex and Zoom, so everyone can communicate without losing context.

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Enrich the Experience with Dynamic Content and Media

Bluescape makes all of your course content visible and accessible instead of being limited to a single device viewed on a single projector or screen share. Add photos, graphics, and videos from your device or from your Box and Dropbox accounts. Present web pages with an embedded browser. And visually orchestrate the content to invite comparison, cluster similar concepts, and accelerate visual learning.

Stay Connected

Workspace persistence means curricula can be pre-planned and adapted throughout the term. Assignments and projects can be annotated, updated, and monitored over time so everyone stays involved and actively participates in all aspects of their work.

Create a flexible, hybrid learning environment.

Digital transformation in higher education must meet the needs of teachers, students, and administrators alike. Bluescape provides a flexible, secure, and cost-effective solution for digitally delivered and mediated learning experiences.

Whiteboarding, Presenting, and More

Bluescape streamlines classroom activities with built-tools for whiteboarding concepts and presenting and annotating work. Workspace templates facilitate structured collaboration and social interactions including group presentations and projects, design critiques, and workshops.

Secure and Frictionless

Bluescape is trusted by the Fortune 100, higher education, and federal agencies to protect their data. Flexible deployment options are designed to work with existing IT infrastructure and are fully supported by tools to manage configurations, roles, and permissions.

Face-To-Face, Hybrid, and Online

Bluescape’s cloud-based services support the full spectrum of learning environments and delivery models. From traditional lectures and recitations to recreating laboratory and studio atmospheres in a virtual setting, Bluescape provides an equitable platform for faculty and students to stay connected, motivated, and engaged.

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