Situational awareness is vital to your mission success.

Whether planning a strategic mission, responding to a crisis, or conducting your daily operations, Bluescape gives your teams a common operating picture to accelerate and continually improve planning and decision making.

Bluescape virtualizes your organization's operation centers and meeting spaces.

Enable real-time knowledge sharing and knowledge creation for teams distributed across multiple locations and devices

Empower hybrid teams with a common workspace to share content and collaborate in a team setting

From the Intelligence Community to the Department of Defense, to Federal Civilian, state, and local agencies, Bluescape is the secure platform trusted for your mission’s needs.

You’ll find Bluescape is ideal for:

  • Mission planning, implementation, and monitoring
  • Real-time incident response
  • War rooms and operations centers
  • Customer engagement
  • Education and training
  • Ideation and whiteboarding

We meet federal and state security requirements

Our virtual work platform meets all federal Authority To Operate (ATO) security controls and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. Bluescape is cloud-agnostic to let you decide how you want your IT operations to be conducted on your government network. We authenticate using a SAML-based SSO and offer secure integrations with external applications. Through multiple proven accreditations and deployments in the federal government, Bluescape offers robust security, increased agility, and cost savings with flexible deployment options.

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