Redesigning the Design Review

Effective design reviews need a central space for all team members to assemble and share and present work. Creative teams must be able to meet virtually, collaborate directly on project files, manage schedules and feedback, and deliver their work from wherever they are. Welcome to creative design reviews with Bluescape.

Create a virtual war room

Bluescape gives you a digital workspace that works like a physical room. Meet,  work, and immerse yourself within the virtual space. All of your graphics, photos, videos, documents, and notes are easily accessible anytime team members must move the project forward—working together—or on their own.

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Embrace remote workers

Transform remote team members from passive viewers to active, engaged participants. Meet within Bluescape, and everyone is on the screen, surrounded by all the content they need to reference, review, and discuss. All participants can access, upload, manipulate, work on, and mark up content in real-time.

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Reduce review cycles

Shorten the review and approval process by enabling all team members to add edits, corrections, and actions in context and in real time. Because it’s so efficient to iterate, you can explore more revisions and get to sign-off more quickly.

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Experience the difference

Easily organize your work and your meeting

Put any content into your Bluescape workspace. Organize it with canvases to make it easier to find and navigate the work. Use templates to streamline the review process and follow-ups.

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Capture and act on decisions in real-time

Comment and use @mentions to give feedback in context for easy reference. With a running list of feedback right next to your work, it’s easy to follow the thread.

Annotate and mark up from anywhere

Highlight materials to clarify and emphasize a point. Mark up and annotate content for later reference. Because a workspace is persistent, there’s a clear record of work when the meeting is over, for everyone to refer to and build on later.

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