Create a Virtual Command Center

To effectively respond to a crisis, you must manage teams, tasks, and data. Bluescape provides secure, virtual workspaces to orchestrate team communications, collaborations, and content across an incident life cycle.

Unify resources, actions, and data in a single pane of glass

Bring crisis and emergency management solutions, documents, and live web content together in a single interface to facilitate operations in times of crisis. And with support for multi-screen installations in physical locations, Bluescape is uniquely equipped to enable collaboration across hybrid work environments.

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Facilitate command and control

Integrated video chat and support for Cisco Webex and Zoom streamline real-time communications. Video meetings happen in the workspace so every analytic, visualization, plan, and data source is immediately visible and accessible. When every second matters, eliminate the time wasted taking turns to share screens and sending files back and forth.

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Secure your content, control the narrative

Ensure the confidentiality of your content. Our systems are trusted by the intelligence community and federal agencies. Deploy in the cloud, on your premises, or in a virtual private instance with support for Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) so you can protect your data and maintain encryption key control and management.

Empower field operations

Workspaces are securely accessible from any device, at any time. Information flows freely across teams and locations so everyone is on the same page. Whiteboard together to visualize procedures or collaborate on cloud documents from wherever circumstances demand.

Experience the difference

Increase situational awareness

Workspaces provide a common operating picture for status and activity. Real-time data and real-time updates from the team are visible alongside each other to accelerate your ability to monitor and assess the latest information.

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Improve responsiveness

Add notes and comments to the workspace or directly on content to identify and track actions. Notifications from the workspace alert team members of immediate needs and late-breaking intelligence.

Modernize after action reporting and reviews

Persistent workspaces centralize and preserve all the content and data used in an incident response. Teams can immediately perform a retrospective analysis instead of delaying to retrieve documents, files, and records from multiple systems.

Case Study: Handling a Hurricane with Bluescape

Support planning and execution

Streamline workflows and structure activities with templates to visually organize your data and activity streams. Increase resiliency by creating and pre-populating templates to prepare and train teams for the next event.

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