Create your best work
in Bluescape

Bring everything together that goes into the making of a great campaign–innovative ideas, amazing people, and a whole lot of incredible content. For kick-offs, brainstorms, reviews, and everything in between, Bluescape is the meeting solution you need for creative collaboration and decision making.

Bluescape and ShotGrid Team Up to Accelerate Creative Review Workflows

All-in-one platform

Everything you need is here–video calls, online whiteboards, annotations, and more.

Integrate your favorite tools

Bluescape features integrations with Adobe, Shotgrid, Google, Microsoft, and others.

Secure your content and data

Enterprise-grade security protocols protect all your workspaces and content.

Here's Our Pitch!

Don’t let looming deadlines, never-ending email threads, and scattered files get in the way of creating amazing work. Bluescape helps creative teams have better meetings and be more productive.

We Feel Your Pain

  • Spending more time meeting than creating?
  • Is Zoom fatigue killing your creativity?
  • Struggling to stay productive under pressure?
It's not you, it's meetings. Get your work out of screen sharing, shared drives, and email and chat threads. Virtual workspaces in Bluescape let you meet and collaborate in the ultimate creative war room.

Creative Reviews Made Easy

  • Annotate and markup content to clearly communicate feedback
  • Create and join ad-hoc meetings to quickly review content
  • Review and refine your work asynchronously to align on decisions
online whiteboarding best practices
Get your artwork and designs approved faster in Bluescape by simplifying review meetings. Bring everything and everyone together to get that final sign–off.
online whiteboarding best practices

Only in Bluescape

Upload videos and sync playback

Share videos in pixel perfect quality and experience image fidelity and frame accuracy that is far superior and more reliable than streaming video.

Stunning Presentations

Show your artwork and designs the way they were meant to be seen–in ‘Pixel-Perfect’ quality. Present your work with confidence and impress clients.

Content Watermarking

Protect your content from copyright infringement. Use custom watermarks to prevent illicit screen sharing and screen capturing.

Showing the process and delivering projects with Bluescape is only the first step. Our goal is to deepen our client relationships with Bluescape.
Concept Arts and Bluescape
Kristen Kamei
Managing Director, Concept Arts
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"With Bluescape, our vision is reinvention, and we know we’re in for a completely different experience. It’s going to make our lives better. No discussion."
"The ability to use Bluescape to show clients the necessity of every part of the process and how we work is going to be incredible."
"We’re at the point where we know there’s a sports car in the garage. Our priority is getting our creative staff trained and using Bluescape as quickly as possible."