Bluescape and Amazon Web Services

The scalable and secure virtual work platform for distributed teams to perform their best.

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A Complete Collaboration Solution

Bluescape provides a platform for organizations to interact with content and each other. These activities span multiple devices for both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. Bluescape and AWS are collaborating to deliver secure and virtual workspaces for teams to generate ideas, make decisions, and solve problems.

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Persistent virtual workspaces

Project teams need to work seamlessly together when engaged in decision-making. Virtual workspaces hosted on AWS provide a visual forum for teams to present and explore the data and information needed to assess a situation, consider decision factors, explore options, and reach consensus.

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Work securely

Bluescape and AWS work together to provide flexible cloud access, allowing for secure and rapid deployments. AWS Key Management Service (KMS) provides the security customers require to feel confident sharing their work.

Real-time collaboration

Bluescape allows collaborators to jointly interact across rooms, desktops, laptops, and mobile devices. Teams can easily pool their collective knowledge and exchange information from wherever they are located. These interactions and the content needed to support them, are all managed and stored on AWS.

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Work with a wider range of file types

Applications, documents, video, and web links; you can now bring them all together and view them side-by-side for better collaboration in one dynamic workspace.

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Any device, anywhere

Tap into a multimodal experience through just about any device, located anywhere—smartphones, tablets, laptops, existing conference room monitors, and of course, giant touchscreen walls.

BYOT (Bring your own tools)

You’re covered when it comes to integrations. Box, Google Drive, and Adobe CC, Dropbox? You bet. Want to integrate industry-specific applications or proprietary tools? Our APIs are ready for your tools, on your terms.


Together from anywhere. Bluescape and AWS.

Our virtual work platform answers the deep organizational needs of today’s workforce. Together, Bluescape and AWS enable a work on anything from anywhere solution for distributed teams.