See how leading design firm, Vocon, uses Bluescape to let clients step into new spaces before they're built.

The Challenge

Vocon, a leading design firm, is dedicated to and known for its unwavering focus on providing solutions informed by and aligned to the goals and strategies of its clients. As Brandon Dorsey, Vocon’s director of technology, stated, “Vocon assessed their technology toolkit and took action when it became apparent that the tools the firm’s designers had used for years prevented them from visualizing their creations in new ways, presenting renderings with more detail, and innovating across the entire design process.”


The Solution

Vocon implemented Bluescape to take collaboration and ideation within the firm to the next level. As Dorsey explained, “We wanted a solution that would extend our existing environment without asking us to rip out the tools we already had in place. Bluescape is the only collaboration solution that acts as an open platform with which we could integrate all our design applications, including Enscape, Autodesk AutoCAD, and other VR tools, all powered by NVIDIA to work together.”

“The ability for our design team to snap images directly into Bluescape is a 10X time savings. I can’t begin to describe how much time our teams regained because of Bluescape – time they can now devote to improving design and delighting clients.”

Brandon Dorsey

Director of Technology, Vocon

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