Price Modern

See how 112-year old furniture company, Price Modern, implemented Bluescape with the result of reducing follow up time by up to 25 percent while also providing a unique and engaging client experience.

The Challenge

Price Modern is a 112-year old furniture company focused on creating modern office designs and smarter, happier, and more productive work environments for its clients. One of the most important things that Price Modern does for clients is help them understand how they want their employees to work and spaces to function. The Price Modern design process begins by bringing clients into its showrooms to look at actual furniture and office layouts.
With most interior design projects, the timeframe from initial showroom meeting to installation takes months and months as ideas are refined and mockups approved. Price Modern recognized the opportunity to improve these processes with new, visual collaboration technology to help clients “see” what their spaces are going to look like virtually from the get-go.


The Solution

To address the challenge of time, Price Modern developed a “Design In Real Time” approach that frontloads much of the requisite collaboration time into the initial showroom visit. This approach combines the age-old mantra of “preparation is key,” with immersive visual collaboration software such as Bluescape and virtual reality to literally enable clients to visualize and design in real time.
The process still begins with bringing clients into the showroom to experience the furniture and office layouts first hand, but the Price Modern team pre-creates a virtual workspace for the client filled with floor plans, potential furniture, and finishes—everything they already know about what the client wants and some initial ideas. As clients react to pieces and ideas during the showroom walkthrough, Price Modern designers capture this information and send it to the Bluescape virtual workspace. The tour ends at a large touchscreen video wall display with all of the client’s information and ideas in one place, and digital, so that teams can interact with the content as they refine ideas and designs.

“Having the Price Modern showroom in play next to the Bluescape wall allows people to go through and really test and move things around, and imagine a situation within their office so they can get a more real-time feel of what’s going on versus just looking at a picture.”

Ehren Gaag

Principal; Gensler, an architecture, design, planning, and consulting firm that works with Price Modern

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