See how PMC Commercial Interiors implemented Bluescape to innovate new ways to create and design for enhanced customer experiences.

The Challenge

PMC Commercial Interiors creates physical and digital workspaces that innovate how people and teams work. They engage with their customers from the initial meeting through the entire ideation, design, planning and installation process to understand a company’s unique culture, goals, and aesthetic vision. For their clients, innovation is key. In an effort to “show, not tell” their clients, PMC invested in Bluescape to create innovative, differentiated client presentations.


The Solution

With Bluescape, PMC has unpacked flexibility for their employees, while continuing to delight clients in innovative ways. Harry Chalker, the CEO of PMC, explained “For a recent client, innovation was everything. In fact, during our meeting, they’d told us they wanted to bend the mirror; and after, when they awarded us the business, they said we were the only vendor to do that. Another client, who heads up facilities at the largest global software company, was equally impressed by PMC’s Bluescape presentation—so much so that she requested an encore.”

“The C-suite loves it. It’s crisp. It’s clear. And every image, every note, every project decision is easily accessible and adjustable—which makes it that much quicker to turn around a custom solution. In most cases, it has reduced design time by at least 50 percent.”

Yvette Coppedge

President, PMC Commercial Interiors

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