Penn Weitzman School of Design

See how the Department of Architecture at Penn uses Bluescape to teach furniture design at a distance and makes the sharing of ideas immediate with no need to search files.

The Challenge

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic at the Department of Architecture at UPenn, the “Furniture Design As A Strategic Process” course was taught in a typical classroom setting. This, obviously, was no longer a viable option once the COVID-19 pandemic hit in early 2020. Instructors were challenged with how to conduct the course in an effective manner, virtually.


The Solution

Bluescape allows the class to recreate a studio atmosphere in an asynchronous mode. This course uses Bluescape as a canvas and drops in sketches and web sites. Bluescape is set up as a giant grid with students on the top and classes on the left. Everyone goes back and forth from new to old data in a nonlinear format. There is endless space to explore and an infinite universe. The technology allows the instructors to take over student screens as though the instructor is looking over their shoulders. The students can also take over the screens and drive the conversation.

“Using Bluescape helps create happy accidents. We learn through peripheral vision. Bluescape allows us to figure things out. It has made life easier.”

Mike Avery

Co-Instructor, UPenn, Department of Architecture

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