How FX Series Shōgun Unites an International Production Team

The highly anticipated TV show trusts Bluescape to connect 400+ crew members and break barriers in remote production.

In the past, costume and set designers could meet in person, casting directors could shake the hands of their prospective stars, and traveling to scout locations wasn’t such a hassle. Now, studios are compelled to accomplish all of these tasks virtually.

Set in 17th century Japan, Shōgun requires a richly detailed and historically accurate setting with an international cast. The core challenge of creating a television series of this scope in a digital-first environment is managing the quantity of content as well as the collaborators that interact with it.

When Shōgun’s geographically-dispersed production team could no longer gather in the same space, Bluescape filled in the gap.

“This show would not have been possible without the technology solutions we discovered during the pandemic. Bluescape offered us a virtual meeting hall for access to people we would never have reached prior to the pandemic.”

Justin Marks

Executive Producer | Shōgun

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