Check out how the award-winning, international design practice HASSELL utilized Bluescape and placed as one of ten finalists in NASA’s 3D Printing Centennial Challenge.

The Challenge

International design practice HASSELL took their award-winning expertise into space as as one of ten finalists competing in NASA’s 3D Printing Centennial Challenge. A geographically dispersed team in three different HASSELL studios had to come together to conceive, design, mark up, and finalize their visionary concepts for the challenge.


The Solution

HASSELL utilized Bluescape so their remote teams could work in real time, access the project workspace, and follow the entire project process and development. As stated by Xavier De Kestelier, the head of design technology and innovation for HASSELL, they “…ideated in London, worked with visualization experts in Paris, and collaborated with a video team in a different London office. Communicating our vision with the rest of the team was easy, we could quickly upload images while we were on a call, enabling team members to see them and understand what we wanted using visual imagery.”

“Because it’s such a visual tool, it’s easier to communicate, and better communication can lead to better time management and, ultimately, cost savings.”

Xavier De Kestelier

Head of Design Technology and Innovation, HASSELL

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