Grand Valley State University

GVSU implemented Bluescape to teach faculty and students new ways to learn, present and collaborate.

The Challenge

Grand Valley State University (GVSU) near Grand Rapids, Michigan wanted to foster and nurture out-of-the-box thinkers. Students and professors at the university were struggling with updating course curriculum in an ever-evolving world, learning English as a second language, and accessing/finding central resources.


The Solution

By implementing Bluescape, students were able to utilize various functionalities that helped them learn and digest information faster. Professors had more flexibility to update curriculum and content in response to real-world changes, and ESL (English as Second Language) students had a leg up over traditional learning methods, with technology giving them a voice.


“Bluescape helps us embrace the messiness that creativity requires…I don’t think we would have been as creative, collaborative or learned as much without Bluescape.”

Rachel Travis

GVSU Student in Supply Chain Management

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