Bridge Core

IT provider trusts Bluescape’s secure workspace and whiteboard for Federal Government customers

Bridge Core was founded out of the urgency to build secure, tailored solutions to address the Federal Government’s top mission needs. BCore bridges the gap between industry and federal, between disparate data silos and integrated visual solutions.

In 2015, Bridge Core (BCore) partnered with Bluescape to enable government leaders to share and collaborate on information and rapidly make decisions in a digital environment.

When COVID-19 began to impact government operations in March 2020, a government office of medical support needed an immediate action plan to track and report the novel coronavirus across the workforce. The resulting plan was briefed to the medical director’s office within 30 minutes using Bluescape.

“I can quickly view the day’s priorities, sign off on required actions, and prep for meetings.”

Tyler Laverick

Co-Founder and CEO, Bridge Core