Bluescape for Media and Entertainment

Creative teams from motion picture and television studios have turned to Bluescape to solve their remote work challenges, increase their efficiency, and make better creative decisions, faster.

The Challenge

Content development relies on intensely collaborative activities, but bringing entire teams together to develop and review work is cost, time, and space prohibitive. Video conferencing and screen sharing fall far short of recreating the benefits of working together in a room. As a result, the quality of work suffers, and budgets and timelines are threatened.


The Solution

Bluescape captures the “art and boards pinned everywhere” feeling of physical project rooms and review meetings. Teams can easily aggregate and visually organize production content, feedback, and reference materials in virtual workspaces. During reviews, feedback is captured and annotated directly on assets and videos can be uploaded and shared with frame-accurate, synchronized playback. Built-in video meetings and support for Cisco Webex, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams connect everyone from around the world in real-time.

“[Bluescape] has been nice because everyone can see kind of what everyone’s working on, in one consistent place for us to go for our review.”

Production Supervisor