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Work Better Anywhere: 6 Stats to Transform Creative Work [Infographic]


By 2025, 36.2 million Americans will be working remotely, according to Upwork. That's 22% of the workforce and 2X more remote workers than before the pandemic.


No biggie for creative teams. Creative work happens outside of offices all the time. Don't your best ideas come to you in the shower? In the car? In a dream in the middle of the night? Ideas aren't location-dependent. And the work to bring ideas to life? More of it's being done remotely, using the same software you'd use onsite. Creative teams have what they need to design, edit, and manage projects from afar. What's missing, however, is the ability to gather around collective work, review, present, and make decisions as if you're in a room together.


Bluescape bridges the gap that's left when teams move apart. It's the final piece in the remote work puzzle – the only software designed to connect creatives to each other and their work.

Think of it this way: Zoom and Slack make remote work possible. Bluescape makes remote TEAMwork possible. How might this change the creative process? Glad you asked. The following stats from a Forrester study are potential outcomes of working in Bluescape, paired with reviews from real Bluescape users.

Reduce time spent in meetings by 15%

Meetings are like urban sprawl: a slow creep until one day you wake up with a jam-packed calendar and no where to park your car.

Creatives need time to focus. So... cancel meetings? Shorten the hour-long ones to 45?

You can steal a few minutes here and there, or you can have meetings in a place where you and your team can be productive. Where you can "get to the meaningful work faster."

Executive Producer Jon Bokencamp explains how this changed the writer's room when working on The Blacklist: "We used to break stories on a whiteboard – writing, erasing, rewriting entire blocks of text that would need to be transcribed into a detailed outline.

"With Bluescape, we’ve become much faster and nimbler."


Shorten campaign timelines by 20%

In TV and film, creatives work on one major asset (like the movie Luca) with one release date. In marketing, creatives work on a variety of assets and cadences.

Where do teams go to review their assets and activities? Slack? Email? A weekly call? Each review gets buried under the next. There may be breadcrumbs, but never a clear path showing how a campaign evolved.

Bluescape simplifies by centralizing. Project Manager Lana T. says, "The ability to paste from anywhere, mark up, and drop files into the workspace makes the whole process timely and visual.” Print and Digital Production Manager Nicole K. says,

"I love reviewing creative marketing materials in this platform."


Reduce time spent looking for documents by 60%

Looking for documents is the perfect example of death by 1,000 paper cuts. Everyone's bleeding time, searching email, chat, and shared drives for... What was the name of that thing?

Imagine all the time wasted. Seconds add up to minutes, minutes add up to hours, and at the end of the day you wonder why you couldn't get more done.

Alexander J., Production Designer in the entertainment industry says, "Having everything laid out in a single workspace is an amazing advantage.

"Not having to dig through files names to pull something up has changed the entire process."


Reduce printing and material costs by $400k

It's amazing to walk into a room and be surrounded by sketches, prints, and Post-Its. You can feel the creative energy. Walk up and touch the process, like it's a tangible thing.

Remote teams don't get to work in rooms like this. Not often, at least. But if you recreate the room experience online, you might be better off than your office-bound colleagues.

Why? A digital room requires no printing, no mounting, no tearing down assets – which saves money, time, and sanity. One retail customer paints it perfectly:

"You would go into a conference room and there would be Post-It notes all over the place, and people would be doing all kind of crazy stuff to track changes to documents."


Increase sales win rate by 33%

In the golden age of television, do you really expect wow anyone with slideware from 1987? People want to be entertained. At the very least, they want to be kept awake.

Using Bluescape, you can be the breath of fresh air your clients crave. Delight them with a taste of something unexpected, zooming in and out of designs while giving a peek behind the curtain in a "visually spectacular" platform.

Designer Valerie P. says it's "worth the investment!

"When I do 'Design in Real Time' or display project plans in Bluescape, customers are always impressed."


Bluescape provides all the tools you need to meet as a team, brainstorm, present, and review work in an infinite, collaborative canvas.

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