Use BluescapeNow to Simplify Tech Support and Resolve Customer Issues

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Many of us in Network or Tech Support find it challenging to install new network or server hardware especially when the instructions are not to be found. At times, they are not included with the new server, security tap or diagnostic tools once you open the box. We then proceed to search online for an installation guide, a set-up schematic or YouTube tech video which is never the right version or it’s written in broken English that doesn’t make sense.

As a Solutions Architect, sometimes I have ideas that are hard to explain, but easy to visualize. Getting on a call with a customer and trying to convey technical instructions is challenging. You can join a conference call or a share doc application and it’s still difficult if you’re not there to see how their technology is assembled, which connectors, cables or equipment are pertinent.

There are many ports located on the rear of a network server which can be confusing to explain.

So, when I’m helping a customer on support calls, I can save time and confusion by sending them a quick drawing or photo with my added notes right into BluescapeNow, a digital canvas like an online whiteboard, in the Intel Unite conferencing solution.

Installation notes and visuals on BluescapeNow

The tech information or diagrams reside in a shared digital canvas that details which cable plugs into which port. This digital collaborative space is easy to use, access and update with documents, images and content from cloud-sharing applications. I like the “save canvas” feature that allows us to refer back to the information or to share with other customers needing the similar instructions.

The simplicity of BluescapeNow is that I can share my canvas space without having the other person create an account or open an email attachment. I can draw images and notes right on the canvas, send the link to the recipient and they can see my instructions immediately from any web browser on any device. I don’t waste time using a complicated application to draw out my ideas or worry if the customer has the same application. BluescapeNow provides a simple interface that makes ad-hoc line drawings a piece of cake and sharing a breeze.

For customers wanting more innovative ways to create and collaborate in more powerful interactive workspaces then our flagship solution, Bluescape Enterprise fits the bill. Dispersed teams can connect in a live meeting session, share ideas and documents to better visualize and annotate complex technical projects quickly without ambiguity.

Let me know how I can help you and your organization streamline your meetings more efficiently for a better interactive customer experience on BluescapeNow on the Intel Unite solution. Visit our BluescapeNow solutions page for more information.


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