The Future of Work on Display at Enterprise Connect 2019

At Bluescape, we’re energized by everything we’re doing to advance the future of work. Sitting at the nexus of design and function, we’re bringing every person and facet of a project together in our secure, virtual workspace. Designers and decision-makers are collaborating without the constraints of their respective technologies. They’re using touchscreens and multi-media to bring their work closer to the 3-D world in which they live. They’re living the future of work now. It’s truly exciting for us to be the catalyst that breaks down constraining silos.

This week, we’ll see it all come together at the industry’s premier show, Enterprise Connect #EC19. There’s never been a better time to help people and enterprises work in ways never-seen-before. I’m sure this year will bring a host of collaboration products and services that will blow our minds. I know we’ve got some jaw-dropping demos in store at Booth #1005.

For those not attending, here’s a peek at what we’re showing. Watch designers use AdobeXD and Wacom to collaborate with remote teams without toggling between applications. Add in Slack messaging and all three tools integrate into a shared Bluescape workspace. So, whether you’re creating in Adobe XD or Creative Cloud, using Slack, g-chat or email, you’re working in real-time and visualizing content together. Our workspace provides a unique 360-degree view of your project and everything related to it, making it faster and easier for you to get work done.


The hundreds of collaboration tools out there have created the need for something, anything, to make it less fatiguing for people to simply work together. Bluescape brings together the tools and the people with an awesome next-generation platform. Visit us at Enterprise Connect 2019 and come try it for yourself. Your teams will thank you.

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