The Art of Work

The work environment as I know it, no longer exists. I’m seeing a world where traditional voice, video, and Webex are no longer preferred. Teams work virtually. Employees are scattered globally. People are innovating the way they work and it’s not being dictated by IT or the building facilities teams.

A recent Inc article entitled “Will the Mighty Tech Giants Fall and the Upstarts Eat Their Lunch?” makes the point that the future of the workplace is driven by technology. I’d like to add that it’s also people driving work culture change.

Today’s modern workers are bringing the tools they use in their daily lives into the workplace. Communicating through texts, sharing immediate content through Instagram or Snapchat are the norm. For them, connecting with each other and using pervasive chat at work, ala Slack, is their preferred choice. As is using voice and meeting solutions like Zoom, RingCentral or meeting offerings from Dell or Intel.

At the heart of collaboration is the ability to create and share content whether it’s Box, Dropbox or other content management tools. For those who design, like products to websites to movies, they’re using tools like Adobe, Sketch or InVision to create and ideate.

Take notice of this important shift. Workers are using multiple applications to work successfully. They want the flexibility and ease to be more productive and successful in their jobs. People want to work instantly and respond immediately as they collaborate. They want to contribute and have their ideas heard. It’s about breaking down silos so cross-functional teams, external parties, and customers can work together.

For technology providers, it’s imperative to help drive this eco-system where tools integrate and content can be developed and shared. In fact, Bluescape is pushing this forward and fast. We’re providing a visually-rich collaboration environment with built-in integrations with applications like Adobe Creative Cloud, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, YouTube, and other cloud applications.

Bluescape extends each of these tool’s capabilities into a shared workspace where teams can simultaneously use these tools together, make changes or updates in real-time and speed up workflows. The beauty of our platform is that content and meeting workspaces can be shared, saved and duplicated. Project development and meetings saved in workspaces are recorded and provide historic reference.

We recently introduced our API developer program offering plugins and integrations into Bluescape to expand this eco-system. We’re opening up our platform so our customers and technology partners can develop customized extensions and connectors. We’re helping to automate and streamline tasks for applications to work seamlessly. Exciting work is underway to grow our ecosystem and partnerships.

We’re heading to Adobe MAX next week to announce significant partnership and solution news. This community of creatives, designers, media and entertainment types are innovating the way they create and design. They inspire us to advance new ways to work and collaborate. It’s our evolving creation, “The Art of Work.”

About the Author:

Rick Tywoniak – CMO, Bluescape
Rick is a well-respected and influential leader bringing deep expertise in successful partner, channel, and developer programs at Fortune 100 companies. He held key leadership roles at Cisco Systems, Vovida Networks, Xerox, and While at Cisco, Rick built the company’s first global developer program, Cisco DevNet, which grew to a robust 450K developer community and a strong partner ecosystem program for Cisco’s Collaboration Technology Group.

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