“Digital transformation” and “innovative technology” are buzz words that have been overused ad nauseam. These words have been “routinely repeated” hour after hour at this week’s AT&T Business Summit. However, it reveals insights to what IT leaders are concerned about. We’re talking to attendees, as guests of IBM and AT&T, and to no one’s surprise, the conversations are consistent.

Yesterday’s keynote speakers focused on the state of the Enterprise and emerging opportunities. The industry is moving at hyper-speeds. The shift to cloud, digital and mobile, especially with 5G approaching, is unstoppable. Enterprises need to be agile and capable of “transformational collaboration” in this fast-paced and ever-changing economy.

What interests us are the talks around Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC). Traditional UCC solutions have stayed in technology silos. It hasn’t kept pace with the new work styles such as the rise of remote workers. And with the rapid migration to cloud, there still are frustrations around fragmented technologies. It’s widely agreed – UCC solutions have not evolved to meet the demands of today’s workers.

Yet, we’re inspired by the changes that are happening. UCC solutions are merging. Integrated tools are allowing for meetings to be more productive, especially for remote workers. AV and UC vendors are bundling messaging and productivity applications that help meetings and the way we work, be more collaborative. Content management systems are connected across applications for improved sharing and automation of tasks. Mobile is morphing into new types of digital workstreams and applications.

Bluescape is also moving technologies forward. We offer a SAAS based visual collaboration platform that brings collaborative work and content together in one shared workspace. Teams can meet, share, and present all types of content. They can add notes and draw and review document versions to make intelligent and faster decisions.

Fast forward to bridging UCC and applications. We’re partnering with Cisco to expand the power of Webex by enhancing meeting experiences. People can launch a Webex meeting and a dedicated Bluescape workspace automatically starts. Teams can now see and work on various projects and content in real-time. Once the meeting is over, the project space is always available for continuous work from any interactive touchscreen, laptop or mobile device.

Any business unit or functional organization can optimize their workflows and improve collaboration efforts. Teams focused on product development, operations, situational awareness, strategic planning, creative design or marketing are just a few of the many teams who are using Bluescape to transform work and drive results.

To learn more, come see us at the IBM Experience Zone through this Thursday at the AT&T Business Summit.