“There is beauty when something works and it works intuitively.”
     – Jony Ive, The Genius Behind Apples’ Greatest Products


The opening quote from Jony Ive is what we’re hearing from customers. Today, we’re responding with exciting updates to Bluescape. We’re focusing on enhancing your user experiences with the first wave of UI changes launching today. Think of it as the first wave in steady wave of changes and improvements.

Our approach to rolling out UI changes is evolutionary rather than revolutionary. No tsunamis or big overhauls here. We’re doing it in a way to avoid disruption while driving toward a user experience that improves with each iteration.


Our UI design goals are to make Bluescape easier to use, more powerful, and tons of fun. Bluescape will evolve and have a modern look and feel to improve usability. This release is just the beginning.

Every month we will release new improvements. We will continue to listen to customers and learn as we go. We have accomplished so much over the past year including a refreshed user experience and updated admin portal.

We live in an agile world, but while change comes fast, it doesn’t have to be disruptive. With today’s release, here are the exciting updates:

Bluescape wall application

  • A redesigned toolbar with modern-looking tools and icons grouped by tasks that are more natural and intuitive
  • UI features to increase functionality that’s easier and faster to use with quick access to commonly used tools

Bluescape web application

  • An updated layout with two streamlined toolbars focused on work and design tasks (left bar), and meeting and workspace tasks (top bar)
  • An integrated and consistent experience from web to wall applications

Bluescape on web and web will need to run the latest version of Bluescape for Windows (v19.07.1) which includes the UI updates on Monday, July 15, 2019. IT admins can manually update Bluescape wall application on Windows starting Monday whereas Bluescape wall app on Linux and Bluescape web app will update automatically.

For additional information, visit these resources

By Demian Entrekin, Bluescape CTO