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Offices are gearing up for a big week of engaged workers huddled around laptops and specialty espresso machines. Instead of discussing the latest project timeline, they’re talking about the big upsets, division brackets and viral memes tied to the March Madness tournament.

Their focus is not on the company’s bottom line but rather on the games leading into the NCAA Men’s Basketball Finals. The CEO knows that his bottom line will take a hit on productivity this week, however it’s well justified, company morale will be at its highest.

Walk through any office and you’ll see game brackets and office pools created on sheets of paper or sticky notes taped to walls or brackets drawn on hijacked white boards. One enterprising group of Bluescape employees went beyond the traditional. They created an innovative and interactive Bluescape workplace to track win/losses, post-game highlights, and share their favorite videos and content with their fellow colleagues.



This collaborative, visually rich workplace enabled these basketball fans to track and update all their multiple brackets from other sports sites, add or create content from other applications, communicate or “trash talk” within their workspace or on another colleague’s space. It evolved into their personal space that they could customize, interact with and store their favorite content.

Bluescape’s John Quinn designed his bracket using Microsoft Powerpoint, added interesting news articles and blogs from different web browsers, posted his favorite game highlights from YouTube, grabbed “slam dunk” photos and Instagram fan posts to his workspace.

With the swipe of his finger on his Mac or swish motion on a Bluescreen wall, Quinn can move around his workspace, open and close content and applications, increase or decrease size of his entire space and quickly find content and files with ease.

The unique features of his workspace is the ability to link his colleagues’ spaces to his own. While in a Bluescape meeting, they can talk live, share screens and applications, design content together, in one highly-visual environment.



The Bluescape capabilities found in our March Madness project transcend into a mighty collaboration and project management solution for global companies. Teams can work better – manage and access data more efficiently, communicate and share content easily, and use multiple applications in one virtual workplace. Dispersed teams can achieve increased productivity, faster decision making and more creative output using Bluescape.

As the “Final Four” games approach, the “heat” is on both on the courts and off, with the Bluescape teams competing for the winning bracket and prizes. The remaining tournament teams are duking it out to reach the finals. Who will win is anyone’s guess at this point. At least Bluescape’s CEO, Peter Jackson, won’t be adding “heat” towards his workers – they’re imagining all the collaborative and creative possibilities using Bluescape.