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Top Stock Photography Trends You’ll Love


How many times have you seen a stock photo that looks more or less like this? 

boring stock photo

...Doesn’t really evoke any emotion, does it? Except maybe boredom.  

Choosing the right stock photo imagery for your content can be a lot harder than expected. This is why we’ve rounded up some rising trends based on a recent report by Adobe that might help you look in the right direction.

You’re welcome! 

Beyond the Natural Realm  

This trend involves images of things found in nature, such as plants or landscapes, and giving them a bit of a supernatural twist with groovy gradients and special effects.  

trippy landscape

Surreal images like these quickly capture the attention of blog skimmers and looky-loos. It might very well be enough to make them stay on the page a little bit longer than they normally would have.  

Showing well-known images from a new perspective provides a captivating experience and pulls viewers into your content in a more engaging way. 

Try searching for "psychedelic landscapes."

Unabashed Authenticity  

According to a recent Pinterest Body Neutrality report, there’s been a 36% increase in “loving myself” searches. People are yearning to see themselves in the content they’re absorbing from all angles, all day, every day. 

Inclusivity is (rightfully so) becoming a standard in all marketing campaigns. Companies are embracing campaigns that celebrate all races, genders, ages, sizes, and abilities. Content creators across verticals are canning the curated content and replacing it with real moments.  

older couple dancing

Break out of the “sea of sameness” by using stock photos of real people in real situations to connect with a broader audience on a more meaningful level.  

Try searching for "authentic people."

Pro tip: Vertical Videos  

Most people are viewing content on their phones, so it behooves you to adapt to their line of sight.  

You can use Adobe Premiere Pro to edit your horizontal videos to be vertical in a snap so that your videos will translate better on mobile devices.  

Charismatic Critters 

Because who doesn’t love a silly dog photo? 


Don’t tell me that didn’t make you smile a little.  

This trend will undoubtedly stand the test of time purely based on the universal love of furry friends. Images of animals capture the attention of your audience much longer than you can keep the attention of your dog at a BBQ joint.

Stock image trends around animals are more prevalent now more than ever due to the large increase in pet ownership brought on by the (sorry in advance for saying the “p” word) pandemic. And trust me, once you get a pet, you spend way too much time scouring the internet for more pet content.

Try searching for "pet love."


I was personally a little offended by this trend because the Adobe report considers the 90’s “vintage.” But I digress.  

90s fashion

On TikTok, #y2kfashion has 337.9 million views and counting. Instagram has roughly 920k posts around the same hashtag. So bust out your bucket hats and take a trip down memory lane! 

Nothing resonates with people more than a blast from the past. The younger workforce more than likely grew up in the 90’s and Y2K era, which is why these decades are tapping into some serious nostalgia for a huge percentage of your audience. Leaning into the trend by using stock images of iconic 90’s or Y2K fads or pop culture figures is a surefire way to win some cool points.

Try searching for "90s fashion."

Eyes Without a Face 

This may seem counterintuitive to you, but many brands are using stock photos where the model’s face is blurred, obscured by another element, or not in the frame at all.  

cropped woman on laptop

This gives you the opportunity to not pigeonhole your audience and allows viewers to project their own meaning onto the image. Stock photographers also stick to this trend, as they can shoot the same people, and their faces won’t get overused. 

Try searching "lifestyle closeup."

Less is More 

Minimalism is a strong theme among stock photography sites. Clean, simple images with one central focus are a powerful way to catch the eye. 

minimalist office

Photographers are moving away from overexposed and busy photos in favor of high-contrast and vibrant colors while taking minimalist shots. They're both thought-provoking yet straightforward, and provide a crisp, elevated feel to your content.  

Try searching for "minimalism."

Find On-Trend Photos for Your Next Project 

Now that you’re armed with the knowledge of all the latest trends, it’s time to find the perfect stock photos for your next project!  

Try Popsync by Bluescape to search multiple stock photo libraries at once, or learn about the top stock photo sites to kick up your next campaign!

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