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Art to Inspire Your Spring Projects


Spring is starting to leave small hints to make its presence known. Flowers are starting to bloom after the winter rain, the sun is peeking through the clouds, and baseball season is in full swing. 

To help you get inspired for your upcoming spring projects, we’ve curated a collection of seasonal trends in art and stock photography to help your ideas blossom.  

We hope these trends give you so more time to stop and smell the fresh air... maybe with a side of Benadryl.  

Spring Is a Celebration of Life 

After the cold, short days of winter, spring turns barren landscapes green. It coaxes animals out of their dens. It brings sunshine and songbirds—it's a burst of life, and we all experience it together.  

Why not seize the opportunity to connect with your audience by leaning into these natural rhythms? By reflecting on the sights and sounds of spring, you can evoke feelings of excitement and joy.  

And unlike other trends that come and go, spring is something you can plan on—and take advantage of—every year! 

Pastels and Soft Tones 

Pastels have always been and always will be synonymous with spring.

spring art pastels cat

Artist: @xionghea for Wacom 

The most popular pastel colors of the year have been millennial pink, light azure, creamy mint, and whimsy yellow.  

pastel beach

Pastels add a little playfulness to any project and are a great way to add a fresh, soft vibe.  

April Showers 

The rain is definitely trying to get its last hoorahs in before the dry summer season. Why not give it a fond farewell by embracing it in your content? Rain can also evoke a calming, reflective emotional response. 

rain pic

Adding a little sprinkle to your content is a great way to refresh it while adding some earthy elements, as well.  

rain pic 2

Super Bloom 

Obviously, flowers are a huge theme in spring because there are just so dang many of them all over the place after the (aforementioned) rain. They symbolize abundance and bounty.  

flower bouquet

Nothing will ever beat the real deal, but an illustrator can bring a totally different take on natural beauty. Check out this cute jungle scene by artist Yeti Iglesias drawn on a handy dandy Wacom tablet!

wacom cat

New Beginnings 

Spring is a time to refresh and realign your goals and intentions. So why not refresh and realign your content strategy? 

self reflection spring

Adding moments of reflection or motivational content with helpful tips will resonate with your audience, especially with Q1 coming to a close and another period beginning.  

self reflection 2

Embrace the Change  

Trends quite literally change with the seasons, and it’s important to keep an eye on what your audience is keeping their eye on. So, enjoy the lovely spring season and celebrate it within your content!  

Ready to find stunning spring photos of your own? Search all your favorite image libraries at once using Popsync by Bluescape. Or check out these mood board examples for more inspiration.

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