Remote Sales Can’t Close with Zoom

The vast majority of B2B companies have shifted to digital and virtual selling for the foreseeable future. The transition to remote sales has been more seamless for sales than other departments, as sellers have been selling remotely for some time now. Remote selling, after all, has been around a long time – conference calls and digital demos are nothing new. But remote selling isn’t working like it used to.

Salespeople applying traditional remote sales approaches have been challenged to sell to virtual buyers. While less has changed for the seller, much has for the decision-maker. Establishing rapport with customers without being in the same room is difficult. Engaging prospects and holding attention via screen share is a lost cause.

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Remote Sales Technology Challenges

Zoom Fatigue

People are frustrated using Zoom, exhausted by its limitations, and struggle to keep up when screen share presentations begin. There was a 2900% increase in video meetings between December 2019 and April 2020. According to our survey, 91% of people multitask during online meetings. Zoom fatigue is real.

Using Zoom to mimic the in-person presentation over the web is falling short. Remote sales need to shift to a new mindset. Rather than replicating the in-person experience—relying on screen shares and PowerPoint—salespeople need to create a more encompassing experience altogether utilizing digital workspace platforms. 


Virtual Selling to Transfer Knowledge

Virtual selling has now emerged as the next iteration for sales. 

Unlike remote sales, virtual selling requires a new place, a digital location, where the selling (and the buying) can take place. A virtual selling platform can provide a neutral place where customers and sellers can meet and jointly develop a vision, a value proposition, and a plan. 

In the virtual selling platform—a digital meeting workspace—both customers and vendors can engage creatively and as peers. This transforms a one-way remote sales pitch into a two-way dialogue.

A two-way effort facilitates an effective exchange of knowledge. When you more efficiently transfer knowledge, you convert prospects to leads and ultimately shorten sales cycles.

In a recent McKinsey survey, B2B decision-makers indicated that they value three things above all from sellers: speed, transparency, and expertise. The most critical window to transfer knowledge and convert a prospect to a customer is what happens between a discovery call and a second meeting or demo. If you’re organized to transfer all necessary knowledge with speed, transparency, and expertise during the first two steps of a sales process, then you will win the deal.

Remote Sales Rapport Challenges

Swiftly share expertise in a discovery call

Discovery calls are critical moments to capture your prospects attention. If you waste precious time moving between apps or sharing your screen, you risk losing your prospect’s eye and attention. One survey showed that 95% of a sale relies on the discovery call and success relies on a rep’s ability to establish rapport. Bluescape not only hooks attention, it creates a space to engage with prospects and encourages conversation.

69% of buyers want a tailored sales pitch to address their needs.

  • Look organized, set up, and in command compared to all your competitors
  • Convey your ideas with all the necessary information on one screen. Don’t overshare or bore with a 30-minute presentation. 
  • Stimulate curiosity and conversation within a dynamic workspace that holds all relevant information and content, and supports real-time sharing and collaboration.
  • Keep your customer engaged in a digital workspace that allows for annotation, synced video screening, and collaboration. 
  • Involve your prospect immediately. Use a virtual whiteboard to engage them.
  • Sketch up an idea and work out the details together in real-time—then save it for future reference or revisions. Bluescape’s virtual whiteboarding gives you all the benefits of physical whiteboarding, along with added benefits of working online.


Seamlessly hand-off to Account Executive (AE)

A clean hand-off to the AE is key to ensuring continued interest. If the AE doesn’t know where the Sales Development Representative (SDR) left off, backtracking into rediscovery can ruin any progress made during the discovery call.  

If you can organize and transfer all of the necessary knowledge during the first two steps, you greatly increase your chance of winning the deal.

  • Meeting in the same workspace allows you to take off where your SDR left off. Go into the workspace ahead of the demo to see how much progress was made and prepare accordingly. See exactly what was already shared, so you don’t waste 10 minutes in rediscovery.
  • You can perform your entire demo within the workspace with the ability to populate the workspace with live web browsers, video, images, presentations, and documents. 


Use Bluescape to work alongside prospects moving forward

By establishing the workspace as your digital meeting place going forward, you create a consistent environment to build rapport and maintain progress.

  • With all your notes, documents and ideas securely living and evolving as you continue to meet, you make it easy to build upon past meetings and support progress.
  • Demonstrate transparency by sharing the workspace and giving them access after the meeting ends. This encourages your customers to be transparent in return, helping you better understand what they require to give you their business.
  • Working together in this way lets your customer know you care about helping them solve their problems. 

By ingraining and making Bluescape an integral part of a remote sales process, you create an opportunity for partnership with customers where there was once discord. As you transfer knowledge more effectively amongst colleagues and customers, you establish a fluid sales operation and close more meaningful deals.


While it’s not the same as an in-person meeting in a conference room or over lunch at a restaurant, the virtual selling platform can, and will, provide engaging and creative places for sellers and buyers to come together and make business deals happen. This aspect of virtual selling will undoubtedly carry forward as we go back to business as usual, and the way we do business will be different.

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