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How to Build Out a Week’s Worth of Content in 5 Minutes


If a picture is worth 1000 words, imagine how much you’ll be able to say with Popsync, the newest feature added to Bluescape that will change the way you search for images and will enhance your ability to collaborate with all your team members.  

Popsync instantly brings amazing content from the top image hosting sites into your Bluescape workspaces, letting you build dazzling mood boards, incorporate visual aids in presentations, and energize brainstorming sessions within seconds instead of hours.  

Whether it’s an artist creating mood boards or an advertising team searching for the perfect picture for a logo, teams can quickly find and discuss the content they need for the job. Bluescape presents illustrations, photos, and videos all in pixel-perfect detail, making it a favorite for creative teams. 

What is Popsync? 

Bluescape’s workspaces act as giant online whiteboards. With the release of Popsync, Bluescape is completely changing the way creative teams work, play, and tackle projects of all sorts.  

Popsync is a visual collaboration tool that empowers users to create with free and premium images from across the web within their Bluescape workspace. In one search, anyone can quickly view multiple libraries at once, including Getty Images, iStock, Unsplash, Google Images, and more.  

“Popsync does in seconds what used to take days," says Zak Noyle, co-founder and creative director at creative agency Eleven 17. "We build a lot of storyboards for clients and spend hours scouring the internet for high-quality photography. It’s a pain in the neck, usually, to find the exact lighting or scene I have in my mind. Popsync opens a whole new world. Searching for images this way and seeing all our options in one collaborative space will simplify the entire workflow.” 

Popsync does in seconds what used to take days."

So, how does it work? Let’s dig into one of the many ways to use Popsync to get familiar with some popular workflows.  

How to Build Out a Week’s Worth of Content in Five Minutes 

If you’re in any sort of creative role, finding the right content for your projects is a crucial part of your day-to-day. Many tools offer assistance with this task, but they require tons of sifting through different platforms, vetting thousands of images, hoping you don’t accidentally close a tab, downloading each image, and keeping everything organized in file folders.  

 With Popsync, all those steps are streamlined in one visually collaborative workspace.  

Here’s how you can build out a week’s worth of content in five minutes tops, and then bring your team in to continue the communication and collaboration around a project: 

Type your search into the Popsync search bar 

Let’s use “travel” as an example.  

popsync search bar

Save time by reviewing multiple sources at once 

Instead of wasting hours scouring through endless pages of the same old stock photos and toggling tabs to switch websites, let Popsync do all the heavy lifting for you within a collaborative Bluescape workspace.  

popsync image results

Popsync will automatically generate canvases based on the top images from Getty Images, iStock, Unsplash, and Google Images that you can review in seconds. 

Start planning and creating your content 

Drag and drop your selects into customizable canvases. Add text boxes to structure the canvas before bringing your ideas to the table with the rest of your team.  

bluescape visual collaboration

Bring in your team 

Once you’ve structured your workspace, you can start working and collaborating with the rest of your team in real-time to finalize your weekly content strategy! 

bluescape visual collaboration

Once everyone is on the same page, your content for the week is good to go!  

Getting Started with Popsync 

The best thing about Popsync? It’s absolutely free! No, we don’t mean “free trial.” We mean totally free, no account required.   

Start poppin’ today!  

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