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Using Nature Photography to Inspire Your Audience


According to Unsplash's 2023 Census Report, the top three categories of photos that their photographers contribute are “Nature,” “Places,” and “People.”  

This actually isn’t much of a brain-buster, seeing as how those three themes encompass a universal language that can quickly be admired and understood by all.  

In honor of the start of the summer season, let’s focus on how to incorporate the power of nature into your visual storytelling. As an added bonus, we’ve thrown in some examples of search terms that will help you find stock photos that don't look stock-y.

Sparking Movement with Outdoor Activities  

Summer means more hikes, swimming, sports, and all things outdoorsy! Energize your content by leaning into the momentum.  

sparking movement

But knowing how to find the right stock photos to capture the spirit of the great outdoors is easier said than done.

Try these search phrases to find the perfect outdoor imagery: 

  • “Outdoor drone photography” 

  • “People in motion” 

  • “Epic nature hike” 

  • “Adventure vacation” 

epic nature hike

Driving Change with Environmental Awareness  

Environmental awareness will always be a relevant stock photo trend to highlight, regardless of the season. But with summer comes a refreshed appreciation for the natural beauty of the world, which is just another reason to incorporate stock photography that promotes respecting mama earth.

co2 cloud

Search terms to try on your image search engine of choice:

  • “Environmental protection” 

  • “Activism in motion” 

  • “Conservation awareness” 

  • “Endangered beauty”  

endangered species

Spreading Smiles with Furry Friends  

When’s the last time a picture of a floofy, silly pup bummed you out? The answer is surely never. 


Stock image trends around animals are more prevalent now more than ever due to the large increase in pet ownership brought on by the (sorry in advance for saying the “p” word) pandemic. And trust me, once you get a pet, you spend way too much time scouring the internet for more pet content. 

Search terms to try:  

  • “Dog on a mission” 

  • “Cat with attitude”  

  • “Pet love” 

  • “Floofy pets” 

guinea pigs

Promoting Togetherness with Friends and Family 

Summer is all about gathering with friends and families for outdoor BBQ’s, camping, snacking al fresco, and bonfires under the stars.  

starlit bonfire

Search terms to try:  

  • “Starlit bonfire” 

  • “Al fresco dining” 

  • “Backyard BBQ” 

  • “Poolside hangs” 

al fresco dinner party

Watch Your Content Thrive 

Are you in the summer spirit yet? If so, it’s time to find the perfect nature stock photos for your next project!   

Try Popsync by Bluescape to search multiple stock photo libraries at once, or learn about the top stock photo sites to kick up your next campaign!

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