Meetings Suck, Tools Are Not Working

We’re living in exciting times for meetings. You’re probably thinking ”What is he smoking? Meetings suck for me.” They take forever to start and the outcomes and decisions are lost in emails. To add further, photos of whiteboards are lost on mobile devices and any content shared via screen share disappears when the meeting ends. I could go on about all the pain points we feel!

So, while we’re following Zoom’s IPO and its recent rise in the magic quadrant, which is an awesome accomplishment. We still have to ask ourselves, has technology really improved meetings, making us more productive and getting people “on the same page?” The reality is we still have a long way to go, however, there are some very promising advancements on the horizon.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve seen the Zoom IPO, the introduction of Cisco Cognitive Collaboration, and the unveiling of Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2. Personally, I love the infusion of energy and innovation happening in our space and welcome new advances in technology that are incrementally improving meetings.

Yet, are we more productive? With all the innovations in enterprise collaboration today, we really haven’t moved closer to more effective meetings. IDC estimates that almost 20 minutes of every hour of employees’ business time is spent searching for people or information required to do their jobs efficiently. I think that number may be higher.

Bluescape is innovating for this very reason. We’re changing the meeting experience. The complexity of data security and chain of custody is real and must be taken very seriously. However, we won’t let it stifle creativity, productivity and team communication. Together with our partners, we’re creating a smoother, more secure future of work that aligns with the ease of content creation and sharing.

How? Meeting tools are becoming more accessible and affordable. Collaboration software is becoming smarter and more intuitive, and people are now eager to change the status quo. They’re excited to experiment with technology that breaks down content silos and decades-old work behaviors.

With Bluescape as the central meeting and content hub, we’re providing the missing platform, what we call a “digital visual container” (DVC) where people can bring in their preferred UC tool of choice, their favorite SaaS application, or web-related content. All work, updates and decisions from each meeting are automatically saved, stored and available.

The platform is built in an open architecture, applications agnostic, where people can visualize, interact and historically capture their work in real-time. In the near future, content can be automatically placed in a DVC workspace using voice-to-text recognition (AI) during meetings or afterwards using voice commands. We’ll also offer an applications marketplace for teams to download their favorite plugins or create their own integrations in Bluescape.

And today, we’re excited to announce our Bluescape and Dell bundle, an advanced meeting room solution complete with Bluescape licenses, Dell’s newest line of 55, 75, 86 – inch touch screen monitors, Dell OptiPlex 7060 and assortment of peripherals.

We’re creating the “WOW” visual, collaborative meeting experience that’s easy, accessible and affordable. People can now engage more actively with each other, with their content and move projects along faster. It’s highly visual, interactive and now, meetings are fun.

By: MT Robertson, VP of Business Development and Strategy at Bluescape

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