JC White Creates Office Spaces that Makes People Want to work with Bluescape

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Delivering South Florida’s largest offering of workplace office solutions, JC White helps create the exact office space that their customers want. JC White’s vast showrooms display a wide array of furniture from various lines, so that customers can see the products and explore the possibilities for their office space. With Bluescape, JC White is expanding its reach allowing customers to begin the design process without ever setting foot in a showroom.

Often, as new projects begin, clients may not have any idea and require exposure to several space solutions and concepts before landing on a direction of where they’d like to go. JC White also works with existing clients, architects and design firms at some point on the development life cycle, who already have a good understanding of their space’s need. In both cases, moving a client through the development process can be lengthy and cumbersome with multiple in-person meetings and presentations at the showroom as well as revisions and approvals from building stakeholders before an office space is finalized.

Rather than visit a showroom multiple times, JC White clients walk directly into a room with a Bluescape wall showing floor plans, office furnishings and additional space on which to draw and take notes. Web browsers with inventory options are easily added to the Bluescape workspace where items can be viewed, captured in a snapshot, and added to the workspace in real time. This is to some extent an informal meeting in which the client can be very much involved by going up to the screen and sharing their thoughts and ideas. JC White works with the client to determine where they see the future of their company through a series of exercises that include pre-loaded word prompts, idea starters, and other information.

Once this session is complete, all participants continue to access the cloud-based workspace to communicate virtually, from anywhere, on different devices. Bluescape is helping JC White and their clients more effectively align with each other to quickly implement solutions. This process eliminates the typical back-and-forth e-mails and improves JC White’s relationship with clients.

The effectiveness of this process is readily apparent as JC White projects are experiencing a 30% efficiency gain (time, travel, people). Clients actively participate in the design process, ensuring they receive exactly what they want at the project’s conclusion. Architects and designers are also actively participating by adding floor plans and concepts to the workspace. All of the large files are stored visually in an interactive Bluescape workspace. Also, because their workspace is accessible from anywhere, clients no longer need to trek to a showroom – they have digital access to see the newest and best solutions for their space. By engaging clients and stakeholders with Bluescape up front, JC White positions itself apart from the competition as a technology thought leader and innovator.


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