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How You and Your Team Can Benefit from the Bluescape Community


We are lucky to live in a world where access to information is instant and sharing knowledge is easy. However, finding a professional space with like-minded people to solve work-related problems can be challenging.

This is one of the core problems that Bluescape’s new online Community solves. We make it easier for you and your team to connect and collaborate with others in your industry and beyond. It’s also where questions are asked, problems are solved, and connections are made in a safe space.

Why should Bluescapers connect in the community? Here are four reasons:

 1. Learn a different perspective

Continuous learning is a powerful way to expand on the skills and knowledge you already have. One of the most effective ways people learn is from others, and online communities exist to foster just that – learning through others' experiences. 

Communities attract professionals across different industries. This means fresh perspectives are offered, counter-ideas are made, and new solutions are proposed, all in one shared space. 

The outcome? More effective working solutions and bigger, better ideas. 

2. Get noticed

Everyone has great ideas – including you!  Sharing your ideas, creations, and expertise in the Bluescape Community gives you more visibility and exposure to new connections and opportunities. This is a great way to build confidence and leadership skills while honing your craft.

Share your Use Case or Templates to spark conversation and become your own spotlight within the Community! 

3. Become your own expert

Staying curious is how you expand your professional skills and continuously improve your craft. But how does one "practice" curiosity? By reading knowledge material and asking difficult questions. You can also respond to other community members to help position yourself as an expert in certain areas.

The more you engage, the sooner you will be seen as a knowledge expert for related subject matter in the Community.  

You can share your insight or feedback in the Product Feedback and Community Feedback category. 

4. Grow your network

Networking is a great thing. It opens doors and can even be the starting point for meaningful, lasting relationships. Also, isn't it nice to share ideas and inspiration with people who understand the work you do and the challenges you face?

Expand your professional network in the Bluescape Community by meeting people who are looking for ways to work better, like you.

Learn How to Get Involved in the Bluescape Community to meet new people.

We can’t wait to see you in the Community! 

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