How to Successfully Navigate Hybrid Work Arrangements

Until there’s a COVID-19 vaccine, employees shouldn’t have to return to the office.

51% of employees in one study say workplace health and safety are their top requirements for returning to normal. However, what is considered normal and what it looks like will never be the same.

COVID-19 is dramatically changing workplace culture. You could say it is under major exploratory surgery. All the ambiguity has employers on edge. Employees are productive, but their wellbeing is taking a hit.

In our recently published report, 57% of employees say social isolation is their biggest challenge. 38% say it impacts their wellbeing.

While the viruses caseload is on the rise here in America, workers won’t be returning to the office real soon. However, companies are already contemplating how to keep some employees remote while having others return to the office. How do a company and its workforce make sense of the vexing issues associated with remote working?

We’ve assembled a virtual panel of remote work experts to answer questions related to a hybrid work arrangement. We’ll also explore other challenges—business, leadership, and workforce– associated with our “new normal.”

Here are some of the hot topics our panelists will discuss.


Hybrid remote work arrangements. Is office centricity over? Some top companies think it is. Yet, some do not think so. Even some employees want the option of working both remotely and in-office. How, then, can leaders navigate this? What policies should be in place? Tech needs? And how do you maintain a company culture when that is often kept alive by daily interactions?


Reinvest the company’s real estate budget. If office centricity is over, then should companies reinvest that budget? If so, how could employees benefit from this?


Adjusting remote employees pay. Facebook has come out, and boldly stated that if current employees move away from where their headquarters is located, employees’ pay will be adjusted. Is this fair? And what can companies do to navigate this sensitive topic with grace?


Social isolation. Are managers equipped to help employees overcome the effects of working from home in their tiny apartment every day? This is but one scenario that contributes to feelings of isolation. What responsibilities do companies and their leaders have to address social isolation? One thing is sure …ignoring this will have a detrimental impact on morale. Productivity will also take a hit.


Technology implications. What technology should be in place to help employees be productive? That helps improve the way people work? And what about other technologies that help remote employees keep the company’s operations working seamlessly?


The above topics and related questions are critical for leaders to understand if they want to create and maintain a vibrant workplace culture. What’s more, answers to these burning questions also help leaders adapt their business to be stable in these tumultuous times.

We invite you to join us for a productive discussion on a diverse mix of topics. Our goal is to help you and your company effectively lead in-office and remote workforces with minimal impact.


Here are the other themes that we’ll discuss in the panel:

  • Preparing for hybrid working arrangements
  • Helping employees improve their wellbeing when working remotely
  • Adapting your leadership for a remote workforce
  • Understanding cultural considerations when moving to a hybrid work arrangement
  • Using technology as a solution for team cohesion and productivity


Here are our esteemed panelists, including the following:

  • Julie Albright, Ph. D (Lecturer at USC, Digital culture expert)
  • Darren Murph (GitLab, Head of Remote Work)
  • Shawn Murphy (Bluescape, Director, Organizational Behavior and Workplace Trends)
  • Moderator: Catherine Spence (Bluescape, VP of Marketing)
Register for our virtual panel discussion today.

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About the Author

Shawn Murphy
Shawn Murphy
Director of Organizational Behavior, Bluescape
Shawn is our Director of Organizational Behavior and Workplace Trends. His second book, Work Tribes is out now. Shawn's first book, The Optimistic Workplace is out now. Inc. has listed him twice as one of the top leadership speakers in America.

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