How to Get Support Fast in the Bluescape Community

More Time Creating and Less Time Waiting?

When you run into an issue with the tools you use and it requires some troubleshooting, what is your first instinct? Do you do a quick search on the topic to solve it yourself? Go straight to a support agent from the company’s website? Or just find yourself breathing deep in frustration, waiting for an answer to come to you?

Sometimes it can feel you are wasting precious time trying to find a solution.

Your time is valuable. Period. At Bluescape, we want to make it as quick and easy as possible for our users to get the support they deserve.

When you join the Bluescape Community, you’ll receive quick responses from Bluescape’s support engineers, dedicated staff members, and access to expert knowledge from members in the community. This includes hundreds of step-by-step tutorials, Q+A topics, and more to quickly guide you to the answer you are looking for.

Get Support Now

Whether you’re looking for real-time service updates, need hardware help with the Bluescape Wall, or seeking information about your account – the Bluescape Community holds all the answers. And if you can’t find what you are looking for, the solution is just an ask away.

How To Get Support in the Bluescape Community

Step 1: Search keywords first 

There are hundreds of topics in the community that will help you find answers to your support questions. Start your search by typing the keywords into the search bar for the feature, issue, or problem you are trying to solve. A dropdown list of topics will populate relating to your search. Browse and read related topics to find an answer.

Canvas, Collaborators, and Meetings are examples of common keywords that community members are searching for.

Step 2: Ask questions second 

If you read the topics related to your keyword search and didn’t find the exact answer you were looking for, it may be time to seek help from the community! Ask a support question by starting a new topic. Guaranteed either a community member or member of the Bluescape team will jump right in to help a fellow Bluescaper.

You can also send a personal message to the Bluescape Team for individual support inquiries. However, we encourage you to post your question in the general community to help other Bluescapers facing similar problems.  

Step 3: Get answers in minutes  

Between knowledgeable community members, the entire Bluescape team, and a large group of support engineers, users will quickly receive the answer they are searching for. When you ask a support question, the first available support engineer will respond to you in real-time (you will even see them typing their answer to you!) and you will work together to find your solution.

Popular questions getting answered in the community right now

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  3. What is Bluescape’s current service status? 
  4. How to change the web cam on during a video call? 
  5. Touch displays compatible with Bluescape 

Get the support you deserve in the Bluescape Community! Start by checking out popular FAQs, browse the support category, and search for answers to all your support questions.

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