How Bluescapers Get Active Inside and Outside the Office

It’s Monday morning and you feel tired and struggling to get yourself awake at work after a long weekend.

Sound familiar?

According to the Harvard Business Review in the article, Regular Exercise Is Part of Your Job, on the days that employees work out, studies have shown that they managed their time more effectively, became more productive, and had smoother interactions with their colleagues. Here at Bluescape, we recognize the importance of getting active and the health benefits behind it. Not only do we like to collaborate within our work, but also outside of the Bluescape walls. Read below on how Bluescapers choose to get physical!

Basketball Fridays

Basketball Fridays at Bluecape started a year ago when the NBA playoffs were occurring. Conversations of watching basketball evolved into playing basketball with coworkers outside the office. One of our regular players include Rashad Burroughs, an Account Executive at Bluescape, who happened to have played basketball in high school, wanted to start some pick-up games. Not only does it provide the benefit of physical activity, but helps set a common ground to better working relationships with colleagues. All skill levels are welcomed and both Bluescapers and nearby companies can participate in these pick-up games, which are held in a nearby business park. We even use Flowdock to keep track of upcoming games and keep each other in the loop!

Ping Pong in the Office

Ping pong is such a serious matter at Bluescape that we have a tournament for it (no, seriously..). At Bluescape, you can always find people playing during our Friday happy hours or towards the end of the work day to either take a break or brush up on their ping pong skills for their next match. After interviewing our Principal Engineer, Alan Alpert (see photo above) who brought on the idea of having ping pong in the office, he enjoys the fact that the sport is a good break activity, for both physical and mental needs. For mentally-intensive work, such as programming, there is a serious need for at least one break in the middle of the day to refresh your mind. It is a great break activity for this purpose because it’s physically active, it’s indoors, it’s social, and it’s fairly quick. Compared to previous jobs where he has played billiards and computer games as break activities, it’s clear that the greater physical intensity of ping-pong makes it the best choice. Ping pong is a great for taking a break at the office in order to get the most out of the work day.

Getting Active Outside the Office

Many of our Bluescapers choose to participate in group classes or are members of a nearby gym. Some of the ways people in our office get active include biking to work, walking during lunch with coworkers, Pilates, and group fitness classes. We recently had a team outing to do a Crossfit challenge as well, competing with other companies! Whether Bluescapers are working out alone or involved in a company physical activity, at Bluescape, you can always find someone to work out with in our collaborative environment!

Get Your Company Involved

Companies are on the rise about promoting more physical activity in the office. Ask your HR Manager if there are any company discounts for group classes or nearby gyms if you get a certain amount of people to join. Something as easy as organizing a group lunch walk, bike ride, or having a yoga instructor come in once a month would be beneficial. It’s a great way to get people from your office, outside the office and boost company morale and foster great working relationships. Having a reward incentive or a work out challenge is always the best way to go if you want more participation from your colleagues! Who doesn’t enjoy a little bit of friendly competition?

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