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Where to Find the Best Free Mood Board Templates Online


If you have a creative role, you know that you spend a lot of time figuring out where to start with new projects. Sometimes harnessing all that creative lightning takes a little longer than we’d like it to.  

Mood boards help to organize your ideas to keep the inspiration flowing in the right direction. Creating a mood board can seem just as daunting as starting a new project, but there are actually dozens of free resources available online to get you started.  

Here are some of the top resources for free digital mood board templates: 

1. Pinterest 

Pinterest is probably the first inspiration board app that comes to mind for the everyday web surfer. It’s one of the most popular and accessible sites where people can cluster design ideas, get some inspiration for interior design, or make a visual board of design elements or color pallets.  


There are millions of images on Pinterest, so finding exactly what you need for your mood board template is a total breeze. Every picture (or "pin") is linked to a website, so you can go further down the rabbit hole if you choose to. By pinning images to a virtual inspiration board, you can easily build a collection of images that capture the spirit of your biggest ideas.

2. Canva  

Canva is typically known as a beginner-friendly design tool, but it is also so much more than that! It offers so many mood board templates, so you can build from tried-and-true methods or create your own from scratch.  


Each template is customizable. Just drag and drop the elements you want to see in your mood board to make it your own! 

3. Moodzer 

Moodzer is a collage maker app that arranges collections of images into a digestible grid. Just drag and drop your images into the app to design your digital mood board! Resize modules, apply filters, edit colors, and even add overlays to customize your board to your liking.  


Moodzer is unique because it allows you to add typography to your mood boards. There are tons of different fonts to choose from, so you can add even more personality to your project!  

4. Bluescape 

Bluescape is an online visual collaboration that offers a wide variety of templates, including a free mood board template to make it easier than ever to bring your biggest ideas to life. Bluescape enables autonomous collaboration in a virtually limitless workspace, so you can create to your heart’s desire.  

You can also place multiple mood board templates side by side if you want to present multiple options to your team or client.   

bluescape mood board

This wedding mood board was created in Bluescape using Popsync, the fastest way to find the images you need to capture the spirit of your next creative project.   

Popsync is the perfect tool for mood boarding because it brings images from multiple sources—including Getty Images, Unsplash, Google Images, and even personal drives like Box and Dropbox—directly to your mood board, cutting the time it takes you to find the perfect picture in half.  

Once your mood board is assembled, it’s easy for content creators to continue planning and iterating in a visually collaborative workspace. 

5. Evernote 

Evernote is a popular note-taking app that doubles as a mood board generator. Just open a new note and drag and drop your photos into it alongside any annotations you need to add. Each project is stored as an editable notebook so you can add links, videos, and images.  


You can also sync Evernote to multiple devices to create your mood board on desktop, tablet, and even on your phone. 

Free is Our Favorite Number, Too 

 You don't have to break the bank to make your biggest ideas come to life. With these free mood board templates, you'll have everything you need to tackle your next creative project.

Now that you found your template, get inspired by 6 beautiful mood board examples here. Or check out this guide on how to create amazing mood boards in the half the time. 

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