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Meetings were broken long before 2020 brought on a new wave of meeting fatigue. Back in 2010, Fast Company published 13 Reasons Why Meetings Suck. Thiis just one of many articles like it from a decade and more ago. 

Why do meetings suck? 

Everyone knows why meetings suck. Virtual meetings are just as bad, if not worse. Here are a handful of reasons from Fast Company: 

  • Meetings start late and run over 
  • There’s no agenda 
  • No one is prepared 
  • No one is focused 
  • One person hogs the meeting 
  • There’s no follow up or summary afterwards 

Forrester Research on the Future of Meetings

What’s the real problem? 

Evidently, turning on webcams didn’t change how meetings work. Other than status update meetings (which you could do asynchronously), there’s typically one speaker, one presentation, and many listeners. 

Why is that a problem? You’re stuck looking at a PowerPoint or someone’s screenshare. Either way, there’s no meaningful way to interact with the content being presented. Everyone waits, half listening, for their turn. Hopefully they get a few words in before time’s up. 

Flipped meetings 

Meetings should be co-working sessions, not lectures. That‘s the reason Jeff Bezos decided to flip meetings at Amazon in 2012.  

Flipped meetings have gotten more attention recently, thanks to meeting overload and Zoom fatigue. The concept is simple: 

Share the presentation BEFORE the meeting. Then, focus the meeting on making decisions, opening discussion, and getting work done. 

Sounds great, but how do you execute? Attach documents to the meeting invite? Send links through Slack? Where do the materials live when the meeting is over? 

The content and the call in one container 

Bluescape’s virtual workspaces make flipped meetings possible. Here’s the paradigm shift: 

What if instead of bringing content to the call, you brought your call to the content? 

Imagine having all relevant content in one place before the meeting, then everyone goes to that place and clicks a button to see and talk to each other. That’s how meetings work in Bluescape 

No more… 

  • Asking if you shared the right screen 
  • Fumbling with presenter handoffs 
  • Searching for files on the fly 
  • Meeting notes lost in the ether 

“Screen sharing, alone, is not collaboration. Bluescape is a superior experience for true video and meeting collaboration.”  

– Gary Kayye, Director, rAVe Agency 

With Zoom and Webex integrations, you can enjoy your favorite meeting platform inside a Bluescape workspace. Or simply show up and start a call using our built-in meeting functionality powered by Amazon Chime.

Better meetings – before, during, and after 

Not only are people more prepared when they’ve seen content in a workspace ahead of time, the meeting itself is better in Bluescape because it’s visual and collaborative.

Google and Microsoft files are live and can be edited in real-time. Videos can be uploaded and watched in sync (as opposed to being streamed separately or screenshared with poor quality). Ideas can be whiteboarded, plans annotated, and decisions documented. 

The entire meeting is represented visually, so there’s no need to type meeting notes after the fact. Follow up meetings are more productive, too. Simply pull up the canvas from the previous meeting to get everyone up to speed in seconds.  

“…with a single platform for video meetings, whiteboarding, and advanced content sharing, Bluescape is increasing team productivity, whether you are in a remote or hybrid environment.”

– Sid Rao, GM, Amazon Chime, AWS

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