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End Meeting Fatigue: 8 Things Your Meeting Platform Should Do [Infographic]


Thirty-two million remote workers say they experience fatigue and burnout from online meetings, according to a 2021 study. As market leader with 50% market share, Zoom is the child star of meeting platforms. After a fast rise to fame, it got all the love. And then all the hate. Zoom is largely blamed for meeting fatigue, but other platforms aren't much better. None have the cure for meeting fatigue.


(Source: TechRepublic)

Whether it's Zoom or one of the others, talking to colleagues in boxes is a Band-Aid solution in a world moving to hybrid.

Why meeting fatigue?

Too many meetings? No agenda? Constantly running over time? Your meeting platform can't fix all issues, but it should provide the best possible meeting environment. And yet...

  • Working sessions are limited. Talk now, take notes, and work later.

  • Presentations are boring. One person shares. Everyone else multitasks.

  • Only 1 in 5 people participate. No meaningful way to interact with content.

What's a better meeting experience?

1. Focused on content first

Video call platforms were built for video calls. The content was an afterthought. You can share screens but watching someone scroll is not an immersive experience. What if instead of bringing content to the call, you brought the call your content? In Bluescape, you can. Meetings happen where the work is.


2. Inclusive with multiple ways to contribute

Quieter colleagues and those who prefer to keep cameras off tend to be forgotten in virtual meetings. Meetings held in a workspace with notecards, comments, and highlighters give everyone an opportunity to contribute. While one person is talking, someone else can be sharing thoughts visually.


3. Ideas and decisions captured visually

Too often, during a video call, good ideas are lost. Decisions forgotten. When the meeting is over, there’s nothing to refer back to (except a recording no one will watch). In Bluescape, teams capture their ideas and decisions in a workspace, building a visual historical record they can revisit at any time.


4. A place to meet before and after the meeting

Video calls are a meeting place. But teams also need something more permanent – a place where they can collaborate asynchronously, outside of meetings. Bluescape is that place. Add prep material or finalize a presentation right in the workspace. Then continue working in flow after the meeting.


5. Action items accomplished in real time

Back-to-back meetings are grueling and leave no time to take action on action items. If you could do collaborative work DURING the meeting, you’d knock out the list as you go. But screensharing isn’t collaborative. That’s why Bluescape brings meetings into a workspace where everyone’s work is.


6. Pixel perfect, never-compressed image quality

Nothing looks good over screenshare. Images are compressed. Words are blurry. Don’t even try to stream a video. Teams that used to squint at poor-quality visuals are seeing things crisp and clear in Bluescape. Everyone gets the same, high-fidelity experience and better decisions are made.


7. Engaging for right- and left-brained colleagues

Roughly 40% of Americans are said to be “left-brained” (analytical), 30% are “right-brained” (creative), and 30% are both. A visual, content-rich platform keeps analytical and creative collogues engaged. From reviewing data to whiteboarding ideas, meetings in Bluescape suits everyone’s style.


8. Airtight security (for peace of mind)

When you imagine a good meeting experience, security may not be top of mind. But to be immersive and collaborative, colleagues must have the ability to interact with data, assets, and information. Bluescape provides secure collaboration trusted by federal agencies and Fortune 100 companies.


Zoom out. Bluescape in.

Spend 15% less time in meetings. Finish projects 20% faster. Try a new meeting experience today.

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