Encouraging Remote Work Productivity

COVID-19 has introduced several challenges for managers as companies have transitioned to implementing remote work policies. If you find yourself in this challenging situation, you’re not alone. Over 70% of employers are struggling to adapt to remote work amid the pandemic and stay-at-home orders.

It’s not just employers who are having a hard time. Two-thirds of employers report that maintaining employee morale has been a challenge. More than 33% of employers are facing challenges with shifting communications to accommodate remote needs.

In the face of these struggles adapting to remote work, improving employee morale, and maintaining communication, here is a plan you can follow to help you overcome these issues and help your employees thrive and be productive.

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Set Expectations

One of the most important things your organization can do to manage remote employees is to set expectations and consistently reinforce them. There’s an expectation of when people will arrive to start their day in an office, attend meetings, when they’ll be out for lunch, and when the workday ends.

Additionally, setting expectations for how quickly they are expected to respond to digital communication such as email, instant messaging, and requests for video calls will set you on a path for smoother communications.

Make sure all of the managers in your organization can clearly communicate these expectations to their respective teams. This is important to ensure consistency across your organization and prevent the optics that some teams have more favorable policies than others.

Trust Your Employees

Micromanaging. Few people like to do it, and even fewer like having it done to them. You were likely not watching over your employee’s shoulders while they were in the office. Now that they’re remote, you shouldn’t have to do it either.

To avoid the appearance or practice of micromanaging, have your managers set up regular one-to-one meetings with the people on their teams. This allows your managers to check the pulse and pace of the employee’s work without having to micromanage them constantly.

When done properly, the check-ins will work as a motivator for the employee and provide them with a consistent communication channel to bring up any issues or constraints.

Keep Team Communication Transparent

Shifting from in-person communication methods to remote communication can be a challenge. A great way to improve communication among teams is to encourage transparent collaboration.

Asynchronous communication lends itself wonderfully to team transparency. Digital collaboration tools like Bluescape keeps team activity accessible to everyone. You don’t have to attend every meeting to know what’s going on or disrupt teammates to get caught up on previous decisions.

The Benefits of Bluescape

Bluescape’s virtual work platform enables and facilitates collaboration, thereby improving remote work productivity to help you overcome these challenges in four meaningful ways. By recreating the in-person work experience, Bluescape provides you with everything teams need to develop and deliver projects.

Persistent Workspaces

With Bluescape, teams get persistent workspaces that keep everything together in one place, making it easier to see the big picture. You can compare and cross-reference content to get on the same page. View images, videos, documents, and applications side-by-side. Put proposals and timelines next to concepts, designs, budgets, plans, and more.

Shorten Review Cycles and Avoid Confusion

Because a Bluescape workspace is persistent, there’s a clear record of all work when the meeting is over. Annotations and marked up content remain in place to refer to during review cycles, so there’s no guessing or misunderstandings about decisions made in previous work sessions.

Additionally, teams can use the comment and mention features of Bluescape to provide feedback in context for easy reference. Because feedback appears right next to work, it’s easy to follow the thread.

Everything is Secure

From the ground up, Bluescape was designed to meet the stringent requirements your enterprise demands. Bluescape is ISO 27001 Certified, so you can rest assured that the platform adheres to the highest information security practices, policies, and standards to ensure your data remains secure.

Learn more about Bluescape

The best way to learn how Bluescape can help your enterprise is to see it for yourself. Schedule a demo today to learn how you can encourage and enable remote work productivity.

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Shawn Murphy
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Shawn is our Director of Organizational Behavior and Workplace Trends. His second book, Work Tribes is out now. Shawn's first book, The Optimistic Workplace is out now. Inc. has listed him twice as one of the top leadership speakers in America.

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